thu0607-hpru2005effectiveness of bracing in elderly with knee osteoartritis: a randomized controlled trial

by:DIgao     2020-05-30
Background osteoarthritis (OA)
It is very common in the elderly, and the knee is the most common joint in this group.
In daily activities, knee pads are often used to prevent common problems in the knees.
The purpose of these devices is to reduce pain and improve functionality.
In the literature, a number of studies have tested the efficacy of unloaded stent treatment for valgus or varus.
However, the most used braces and lower cost braces in our clinical setting were not described in the quality studies in the literature.
There is very little research on this issue, and it is not enough in methodology.
The effectiveness of the knee brace with metal hinges was not studied for comparison (
Valgus or varus are not aligned)
Knee pads without metal hinges (Neoprene sleeve).
Objective to evaluate the effect of knee pads on pain, function and quality of life in elderly knee OA patients.
Methods the pain scale was used for the elderly with knee OA 3-
Including 7 cm on the 10 cm pain figure scale.
Of the 222 patients selected, 120 met the eligibility criteria and were randomly grouped: the neoprene sleeve (
No metal hinges); brace (
Metal hinges without alignment)
Or control group
Group neoprene sleeve (NS)and brace (B)
The knee brace was accepted and instructed to use it daily in daily activities for three months.
Assessment of pain (NPS), function (
. Mark\'s knee Lequesne)
Quality of Life (SF-36)
Performance testing (
6 MWt, TUGT and S/L)
Completed by blind assessors at baseline and 45 days and 90 days later.
Results forty patients were randomly divided into two groups.
In the initial evaluation, there were more female gender and SF-except for the control group-
36 The pain level of the control group was high.
Inter-group analysis of repeated pain measurements using ANOVA (NPS)
, Showing no statistically significant difference between groups over time (p=0,210)
However, intragroup analysis showed that pain improved in all groups (p
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