The processing technology of the metal clothes hook?

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Ingredients used metal coat hooks processing of raw materials, in addition to the polymer, usually join various metal clothes additives ( Such as stabilizing agent, plasticizer, colorants, lubricants, strengthening agent and packing, etc. ) To improve the molding process and products using performance or reduce the cost of products. A key link in the process of forming metal clothes processing. Will be in the form of various metal clothes ( Powder, granular materials, solution or dispersion) Made from the shape of the products or parts is required. As many as 30 kinds of forming methods. It mainly depends on the choice of metal clothes hook type ( Thermoplastic or thermosetting) The shape and size of, the shape of starting, and products. Commonly used methods for processing thermoplastic metal clothes are extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding and thermoforming, processing thermoset moulding commonly used metal clothes, transfer molding, injection molding are also employed. Use metal and wood machining processing method, small number of metal manufacturing size is very precise or clothing products, can also be used as an aid in the process of forming, such as extrusion profiles of sawing. Due to the performance of the metallic clothing, unlike metal, and wood, poor thermal conductivity of metal clothes, thermal expansion coefficient, low modulus of elasticity, when the jig or tool pressure is too big, easy to cause deformation, cutting heat is easy to melt, and easy adhesion on the cutting tool. As a result, the metal clothes during machining, the tool and the corresponding cutting speed must adapt to the characteristics of metal clothes such as. Common machining methods are sawing, cutting, punching, cars, planing, drilling, grinding, polishing, screw thread processing, etc. Joint metal clothes hook a joint method of welding and adhesive. Article is the use of welding hot air welding welding method, using hot very hot melt welding, and high frequency welding, friction welding, induction welding, ultrasonic welding, Ultrasonic welding machine) metal clothes And so on. Bonding method can be used in adhesives, divided into the solvent, resin solution and hot melt adhesive. Surface modification is designed to beautify the metal surface of clothing products, often including mechanical modification, file, grinding and polishing process, remove burrs on the parts, burr, and fixed size, etc. ; Finishing, including coating coated on the surface of parts, solvent increase surface bright, with decorative pattern film on the surface of the products; ShiCai, including painting, printing and hot stamping; Metallized, including vacuum coating, electroplating and chemical plating silver, etc. The hot stamping is under heat and pressure, the color on the hot stamping film aluminum foil layer ( Or other decorative pattern membrane layer) Transfer to the parts. Many household appliances and building products, daily necessities, etc. , used this method to obtain metallic luster or wood grain pattern. Assembly by bonding, welding and mechanical connection methods, such as the metal clothes made of parts assembled into complete homework. Metal clothes profiles, for example, after cutting, welding, drilling, and other steps to assemble metal clothes door window frames and metal clothes.
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