jason chaffetz says white house intruder was able to \"rattle the door handle\"

by:DIgao     2020-08-04
House watchdog and chairman of the Government Reform Commission, Jason chafitz, said on Friday that authorities said the man who climbed the fence and entered the White House last week was able to \"knock the door handle \".
Utah Republicans said in an interview with CNN\'s \"Situation Room\" that the default was a \"complete and complete\" failure.
He said he spoke with Homeland Security minister John Kelly on Friday to discuss the preliminary results of the investigation.
\"Minister Kelly told me that the man had been on the ground for 17 minutes and was not found to be able to stand next to the White House and hide behind the post,\" chafitz said, \"look through the window and knock the door handle. \".
The latest announcement of the White House fence jumper waiting for the trial, President Trump was in the White House, but was identified as 26-year-
Old Jonathan Tran in California is unable to enter the building.
Opinion polls on CBS News show a massive blackout in controversial police videos. Hong Kong protesters asked if the door Tran allegedly touched was locked, Chaffetz
The invaders did not enter the White House.
But come on in order to be able to reach the White House.
\"In a statement on Friday, the Secret Service said its investigation was in progress and it had conducted more than 50 interviews on the incident.
Officials also reviewed video and radio broadcasts to determine the timeline for the incident, the report said.
The Secret Service statement confirmed that Tran stayed at the site for 17 minutes.
It is said that he broke a 5.
11: 21 fence near the Ministry of Financem.
Then he was able to scale 8-
A 3 behind the gate of the pedestrian vehicle. 5-
A fence near the east wing of the White House ground.
He was detained at 11: 38. m.
Chafizi said he sent a letter Friday to the acting director of the Secret Service, William Callahan.
Tran was arrested and charged with entering restricted premises with dangerous weapons.
According to a criminal lawsuit filed in the United States, authorities found two cans of mace on Tran, including one in his jacket pocket. S. District Court.
Tran also carried an American car. S.
Passport, Apple laptop, sir.
The complaint says Trump and a letter he wrote to the president.
After attending a federal court hearing this week, Tran was allowed to remain free while waiting for trial, but had to wear a GPS monitor and live 100 miles from his hometown.
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