how to change the code on a digital door lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
Digital door locks are home safety devices that do not use keys like standard door locks.
Instead, the number lock contains a keyboard with a numbered button.
The homeowner decides a combination of numbers that can open the door.
To open the door, you just punch in the correct numbered order.
If the lock is still installed, please refer to the manufacturer\'s instructions to remove the lock from the door.
Most digital door locks have two long screws removed from the inside of the door.
Open the lock so the keyboard goes down.
Check the back of the lock and find the screws that secure the back cover.
Usually there are at least two screws, one at the top of the lock and one at the bottom of the lock.
Insert the screwdriver into each screw hole and turn it counter-clockwise to remove each screw.
Lift the back plate carefully from the lock and put it aside.
Check every hole in the lock and you will find some red and some blue.
The red hole corresponds to the current combination.
Insert a pair of tweezers in each red hole and grab the metal sheet.
Gently pull them out and put them on the table.
Decide what the new combination you want, and take the blue chip out of the numbered hole corresponding to the desired combination.
When you take out each blue chip, replace it with a red chip.
When inserting the chip, make sure that the square cut out from the side of the chip faces the outside of the lock.
Fill any empty holes with a blue chip and check the holes to make sure that the combination you want has a red chip in each numbered hole.
Put the back cover on the lock and hold it down with one hand.
Insert the screw with another hand and tighten it with a screwdriver.
Turn on the number lock so the keyboard can face you.
Press the \"C\" or \"Clear\" button and enter the new numbering code.
If each metal label is inserted correctly, the lock should be opened.
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