According to the degree of the cabinet door panel covering the side plate, the hinge can be divided into FULL OVERLAY, HALF OVERLAY, INSTEAD.According to the fixed way of hinge can be divided into: CLIP ON, SLIDE ON. SLIDE ON HINGE: Usually used for cabinet door installation without two disassembly, such as the whole cabinet, etc. CLIP ON HINGE: Multi-operation for the need to paint cabinets, characterized by the ability to avoid multiple disassembly, resulting in loose screws, simple installation. According to the function is divided into: ONE WAY, TWO WAY and SOLF CLOSE. The difference between ONE WAY and TWO WAY is:ONE WAY hinge is very simple when closing, as long as a little force, it will close, the characteristics are refreshing and powerful.TWO WAY hinge is characterized by closing the door, which can be stopped at any angle before 45 degrees and closed at 45 degrees.  Common angles are: 110 degrees, 135 degrees, 175 degrees, 115 degrees, 120 degrees,-30 degrees,-45 degrees, and some special angles.

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