flush-forward is out. hand-scrubbed is in.

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
The beautiful new toilet is broken. The state-of-the-
French art automation
On January 2001, the Herald and Greeley Square launched a clean paid toilet suitable for pope visits, which was working for about 90% of the time.
But that\'s not enough, says Daniel.
The president of the 34 th Street Partnership, bidman, is a Business Improvement Area that operates two triangular parks, West 34 Street and North and South Broadway.
In addition, the toilet is a beast with a high maintenance cost.
What is irritating is that they need
There is a minute break between the nozzle and each user of the spray to do their thing.
Most importantly, their bathroom never caught fire.
To the crowd: 25-
The penny entry fee and the serious distrust of automation in the toilet area found by the focus group, usage has steadily declined from 28,000 people in the first year to less than half in 2007.
\"This is not a bad experience . \"Biederman said.
\"It\'s not a great experience and we hope it\'s great.
So, although the city has introduced the first of the planned 20 automated pay toilets (
Different manufacturers;
Fewer problems possible)
Last year, the 34-Street Partnership, the modern city public toilets leader, bravely reversed the clock.
On May 2008, the partnership quietly closed. P. T. ’s.
Last summer, it replaced them with a clean old bathroom.
Manual way.
Now, after a gentle opening and months of wrangling, the 34 th Street Partnership is proud to show Mr.
Called the \"Premium Deluxe manual washroom experience\" by bidman \".
\"The public has approved the wisdom of the partnership decision.
Usage has more than tripled since the toilet was fully reopened in October. Biederman said.
Look back, sir.
In an extensive interview, bidman said the partnership could have had more confidence in its ability to provide services without using robots.
Kobe Park is a sister organization of Kobe Park.
The impact is also the president, the flower running-
The artificially maintained toilet Temple is filled and ranked \"The best real public toilet anywhere\" with no less authority than the toilet rating. com.
But the partnership believes it is impossible to replicate high
End Kobe\'s experience at a much smaller Herald and Greeley facilityP. T.
Although their initial price is $500,000, it seems that they will be cheaper to operate.
However, between maintenance contracts, supplies and repairs, they end up spending about $100,000 a year, and by 2007, user revenues offset only about $3,500.
Mr. new manual toilet.
Bidman says maintenance costs are no higher than automation costs --
The income of human waiters is as high as $12.
Although it starts at $8, it starts at $70 an hour. 50.
New bathroom
By the way, it will only be automated in the sense of who cleans them.
In fact, they have enough space.
The age of most people.
Just press the button and lock the door.
You put your hand in front of the sensor and cover it around the seat with a new length of plastic (
LED counter tell the waiter how many left.
Automatic flush of toilet (
Not always when you are ready);
The sink is a sensor-operated.
When you\'re done, you plug your hand into the Dyson leaf dryer with some fear that looks like a smooth plastic pillowcase claiming to be \"the only one to scrape the water from your hand
\"But there is a tank on the floor of the old bathroom --tread-
Just like the surface that automatically rotates on the scrubbing system after each use, the toilet itself is also cleaned by the edgesmounted U-
Travel Brush in shape, check, wipe and scrub new --
15 to 25 times a dayby eagle-
Eyes, men and women in uniform.
\"This is a waiter who knows what happened and has the function from hygiene to communicating a few words with you, usually knowing what to do, jerome Barth, vice president of partner operations, said.
\"People saw them and they knew the bathroom was clean.
\"Comments are no longer accepted.
The whole problem with public toilets in New York is a real loss of money.
There are many Starbucks, McDonald\'s and so on.
Scattered all over Manhattan-the need to endure the panic of personal discomfort has disappeared in the past.
I use these facilities a lot whenever needed-whether in Manhattan or anywhere else.
And, no, I don\'t feel right to buy anything-and no one questioned me.
By the way-if you develop a \"need\" in the Columbus Circle area-the whole food at the TW center is a great \"port in the storm \". . . . . . .
Most people with jobs and familiesyou and I —
You can walk into a business and use the toilet.
But in New York and other cities, like my hometown of Atlanta, there are a lot of people who are not very lucky.
I live in downtown Atlanta and before the public toilets are installed a few blocks away, people often urinate in my buildings, sidewalks, alleys, etc.
This is disgusting, but on the other hand, there is really no other option.
All businesses nearby have the sign \"no public toilet (
Parking fee table is not changed)
These are for street people, not \"normal \"(well-dressed, non-
The dirty one who just took a shower)people.
The problem is not completely gone, but I did notice an improvement.
The biggest problem is to find a toilet at night.
Open 24 hours (
For example, several 24-hour McDonald\'s)
Close the bathroom at night.
I often wonder if this is legal-is the restaurant open without providing a bathroom for the customer?
Anyway, those who don\'t close the bathroom at night don\'t clean the bathroom at night, and don\'t worry too much about people camping and sleeping in it for a few hours.
They are real horror shows.
The bar is your best option until they all close at four o\'clock A. M . . . . . . Walk into the bar just like you\'re looking for friends, they don\'t usually bother you or even notice you went straight to the bar to see the bathroom
You \'d better go home after four o\'clock A. M. as there is no other option based on my experience.
I propose a tax on all diuretics (
Coffee and alcohol topped the list)
Help pay for public toilets.
Any institution providing public toilets (
Agree to put a sign on the window and say so)
Subsidies will be eligible.
Apartment and office building, hotel, library, etc.
The goal should be to have at least one clear public facility per block
And on both sides of the block on the broad avenue.
Why do you think I\'m a businessman?
Or even if I -- I \'ve been walking around town like a merchant?
FWIW-most employees of companies like Starbucks or MickeyD.
In New York, kids can\'t really give Dudley.
If you go to the toilet, squat down.
This is not an assumption, but a reality.
3-yes, you may have a problem finding a 24/7 place late at night.
But tell me-will you really go to the public toilet at that time of night?
If so, you are braver than I am.
The result was $6.
Every time some tourists do business, the taxpayer\'s money will increase.
Of course, there are better ways . . . . . . What does \"post-modernization of urban public toilets\" mean?
-Yes. -This?
The last time I had to tilt to one of these public comfort rooms without enjoying all the comforts of home, I couldn\'t even give it 1 star!
Tucker, in PAL Mira
Please let me know that respect citizens will stay until four o\'clock A. M?
Are you serious?
What are you, a night owl, a person with insomnia?
You give the impression that you are an experienced Street. walker;
Either so, or you don\'t have a home to go at the end of the day.
I don\'t think any business should be 24/7 open, no matter what service they offer or whether they have a public toilet or not.
Normal-minded people don\'t go to the public toilet in the early hours of the morning unless they sell drugs to whackos on the street.
The extra clean, well maintained public restrooms can only increase the appeal of the city to a variety of types of visitors. For budget-
The planning purpose of a conscious traveller is to use the facilities that attend the meeting for how much is it going to cost?
Automatic flushing of toilets (
Not always when you are ready)
\"At least not like the one in Bloomingdale, where you will experience three or four wax --
Paper seat cover, because once you put one, turn around and it will rush clean. (
I find that the secret is to rip the middle part completely, not just to take it apart and have it hang in a bowl).
Personally, my dress code in Manhattan is always for Saint. Regis.
I will ask Dave if he thinks money for tourists is a good money making tool for New York?
Why is the hostility to tourists, not just here, there are a lot of reviews about city life.
My last experience with using public toilets in New York was at Penn Station.
They are always dirty.
Homeless people everywhere.
The sink and toilet are broken.
Just like any public facility operated by the city.
Leon Hess\'s biggest complaint about Shea Stadium is the toilet.
Dave, the toilet is not paid for by taxpayers.
34 Street Partnership is a non-
Profit commercial improvement area, through the assessment collected from the building owners of the partnership, and the expenses obtained from the activities of the Herald and The Greeley Plaza Park, for the maintenance of the 34 th Street area and
Public toilets in Herald & Greeley are not managed and maintained with a penny from the taxpayer.
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