a furniture fair in town - times of india

by:DIgao     2020-08-09
There is a fair with everything from home decor to premium furniture.
Comfortable furniture has a great impact on your living space and workstation.
That\'s why the furniture show is back and there will be many exciting designs under one roof.
There is everything to satisfy the furniture needs of the connoisseur.
The furniture fair will be held on December 12 at the Palace Square of Tripura Vasini (
Near Mekhri Circle)
High-end and branded products from home decor items to expensive furniture will be on display.
There are 120 booths lined up at the venue.
60,000 square feet.
This program is known for its various high standards.
The final product displayed in a great shopping atmosphere.
Italian teak furniture, upholstered sofas, carved furniture, children\'s furniture, cribs, mattresses and imported furniture from Malaysia are on display.
And a series of furniture (
Race and leather)
Every corner of your home, office and garden.
In addition to this, there are contemporary furniture, artwork and paintings, wardrobes and restaurants, furniture and home decor items.
Actually, everything you can think!
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