You wouldn't think of those metal clothes hook receive a skill

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Out we often receive a small tools and one to receive the star, it is just a 'face' can bring you infinite originality and surprises is to receive love, it is - — Metal coat hooks. 【 Porch post 】 。 Porch place for my keys, can install a metal clothes hook returned home in time to hang up, avoid in your bag is forgotten. Each member in the home should have corresponding metal clothes hook, so that when the door can know whether family members have to go home. 。 Hanging ornaments. Some decorations on the walls need to knock nails, metope is beautiful KuLongYan very affected, with a sticky hook can be solved. The porch The sitting room article 】 。 Sorting data line. Looking at a thicket of cable, do not know how to start? A small hook can solve. Sticky side the table, each corresponding to a metal clothes hook cable, afraid of forgetting words can be labeled. 。 Ball games. A metal clothes peg + a mesh bag can get balls to deposit. The living room. Hanging bags. On the wall in the sitting room to install a metal clothes hook, don't worry about the door after nowhere to put your bags.
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