You should know the ambry of shake handshandle of alexipharmic ark maintenance next

by:DIgao     2020-07-27
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ambry shake handshandle of disinfection cabinet can be instead of ordinary kitchen cupboards, and avoid the secondary pollution clean bowl chopsticks cleaning effect. However, although the disinfect cupboard sealing is good, but if the infrared tubes inside the long is not hot, moist air in the cupboard is difficult to discharge in time, attached to the tableware of mold still breeds, endanger human body health.

so, put the dishes with water disinfection ark without electricity, often this will lead to electrical components and metal surface oxidation of be affected with damp be affected with damp, prone to contact resistance in fever control, easy to burn out pipe or other components, shorten the service life of disinfection cabinet. Disinfect cupboard best electricity disinfection once a day or two, at least also want to open one or two times a week, both have the purpose of disinfection, and can prolong its service life. Tableware wash and drain should be placed in disinfection cupboard again after disinfection, it can shorten the disinfection time and lower power consumption.
this is the maintenance next cabinet shake handshandle of disinfection cabinet.
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