would you pay to use the toilet on flights?

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
On The Lede blog, Robert Mackey reported that Ryanair plans to start charging passengers for the use of toilets on the plane.
Ryan\'s outspoken chief executive, Michael O\'Leary, told the Guardian that the airline plans to ask Boeing to add a credit --
Card reader to toilet lock and want to reconfigure its 737-
800 aircraft, adding six seats by removing two of the three toilets. ”Mr.
Passengers at Ryanair must pay about $1.
Open the toilet door in two years.
Read the full post.
Will this cost you to choose another airline?
Will the lower fare offset the cost?
Share your thoughts.
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Cutting cheap and redundant services is welcome in order to make air travel affordable, but this is ridiculous.
If passengers are going to compete with an airline, why bother flying with Ryanair to save money? The airline has five cents per minute.
Refusing to provide toilets to customers is a rather harsh move by Ryanair.
I would be very surprised if the customer did not object to this unreasonable decision.
I would take a dependency and do it in my pants, which adds to the ranking atmosphere on the plane with a slightly higher fare and more service.
Isn\'t this a fancy idea?
The CEO of the company did a good job of letting his current and potential customers know that Ryanair is serious about reducing costs.
This is your marketing and he got the media.
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