Why an office furniture CEO got the top job at one of America’s biggest automakers

by:DIgao     2020-08-07
Ford\'s new chief executivea 62-year-
The former director of office furniture is now in charge of jumping
Amid falling share prices and the growing threat of Silicon Valley competitors, the world\'s oldest carmaker was launched --
Not a household name.
But in the management and design world, and in Silicon Valley, Jim harcata has long been an important figure in the transformation of steel companies, and his ability to foresee major changes in the way people work.
Since taking the highest position at Ford, he has often been described as a turnaround specialist, thanks to his record at Steelcase, his record at Steelcase involved significant job cuts and business to the company and his recent role as director of sports at the University of Michigan, where he invited NFL coach Jim Habo, to revive the fate of the football project.
But management and design experts say the phrase has led hackathan to make encouraging choices when he runs Ford: the experience of managing the family --owned company;
Early use of the current popular \"design thinking\" method for product development;
Willing to learn from outsiders
Peers with investment;
And constantly pay attention to the future of consumer behavior.
\"He\'s focused on trying to uncover Africa.
People have obvious needs.
What makes their life better?
What would they really value if you gave them?
David Kelly, an old friend of Hackett and founder of Wells IDEO, said
Steelcase used to hold a leading design company with a majority stake in helda.
(A spokesman for IDEO confirmed that Ford is currently working with IDEO, which holds very few shares.
) Many management experts see similarities in Hackett\'s work, and they re-imagine the space where people work and the space they drive in an industry that is also experiencing painful changes.
Everything from Uber to driverless cars
Great changes have taken place in the automotive industry, \"said Noel Tich, a management professor at the University of Michigan, who has worked with Hackett in the past and has written about him in several of his books
\"He did it before.
Basic skills are the same.
\"Steelcase is a company with an annual income of $3 billion, and running Ford seems to be an unusual proof that Ford is one of the most representative companies in the United States with sales of more than $141 billion.
\"What can be sexier than the Grand Rapidsand office furniture?
Says John Bacon of Ann Arbor, Michigan. -
The writer interviewed hackatht and wrote a book about the revival of the Michigan football project under the guidance of hackatht.
But management experts say that in many ways it is natural to fit his future at Ford.
Hackett was the first one.
The family CEO will be responsible for the operation of Steelcase when he takes over 1994.
Jeffrey Sonnefeld, a professor at Yale School of Management, said that while Ford has many external leaders, the family is still the dominant force that the ceo must learn to navigate. Bill Ford Jr.
Is the executive chairman, although the family has less than 2% of the outstanding shares, it has about 40% of the voting rights due to its double reasons
Ownership structure.
\"He will know how to use this as an asset,\" Sonnenfeld said . \".
Hackett, a private friend of Ford with his background, can \"take this ownership structure and make them a competitive advantage with you instead of with you.
\"At Steele Case, Hackett, known for his early commitment to design principles, helped him change the company and drive the shift from a private compartment --
Team-centric workplace
The \"Open Office\" environment used by many companies now.
Realizing that people will be more collaborative and mobile-centric, he drives change, such as office furniture that can be reconfigured and tables integrated with laptops, to show the screens of individual workers.
Catherine Segovia said: \"He has done a very good job and will always continue in terms of work and leadership, and he focuses on the future of people\'s behavior,\" said Director of Learning Experience Design at Stanford University\'s School of Design, worked with Hackett in Steelcase in 2012.
\"Ford has been treating itselfas as a car company for a long time.
What Jim is really good at is to re-build a company around a mission, around people\'s needs.
\"Segovia studied psychology for her Stanford PhD on how avatars interact in an online environment, and she is one of Hackett\'s external\" reverse mentors \"who brings them every summer
\"He is very happy and comfortable in the minds of students --set,\" she said.
Kelly of IDEO, who was also the founder of Stanford Institute of Design, once had
On the video conferencing line between his office and Hackett\'s office, they call it a \"worm hole,\" and hackteton says before he knows what\'s going on in the design space, he will
As Ford\'s \"mobile services\" business evolves, the tech start-ups it chooses to invest in may also be encouraged by how Hackett managed its investment in IDEO years ago.
In 1996, steelcase acquired a large stake in the design company, allowing it to operate on its own, but used it to help the furniture company\'s thinking fit into the design emotion.
\"He suffocated,\" said sonafeld.
\"He has a record that he can be a magnet to attract talented people, both through [investment] and recruitment, and give them breathing space.
\"Hackett also knows when it\'s time to let go and is willing to sell most of the ownership when ideo\'s partner is ready to come back alone.
According to a strategy consultant who worked with Hackett in Steele case, \"Most CEOs say, \'Bad luck, we have you. \' But not Jim.
He realized that it was the smartest thing to let IDEO be free and hold only a minority stake.
\"Kelly believes that this may be attractive to start-ups that interest Ford.
\"The main part of the story is inspiring for other companies, and often when a big company buys a small company, they say they won\'t screw it up, he said.
\"But I don\'t think that happens very often, and that is exactly the case in this case. . . .
He\'s really happy.
This is not kindness.
It\'s just very smart to understand how to make the most of the diversity of others.
IDEO\'s cooperation has also deepened Hackett\'s ties in the science and technology industry.
Kelly said he knew everyone at Stanford University and said: \"He is the insider here.
He will not miss what happened in Silicon Valley.
Ford Chairman Ford said Monday it had a big impact on his decision.
Ford said at a news conference last year that during his visit to the region, he saw tech executives embrace Hackett.
\"Some of them said to me, \'Gosh, he\'s one of the real original thinkers we know, and you guys are really lucky to have him,\" Gifford told reporters.
\"It impressed me to see Jim not only doing so well in this area, but being so highly valued.
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