what\'s the score with the sliding doors, st geours?

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
Peugeot\'s new chi-
The chi supermini with sliding doors first appeared at the 2002 Paris car salon as a sesame concept, but the name has been registered with 17 other users, including manufacturers of industrial adhesives and oil pipeline valves.
Also, as Peugeot CEO Frederick St. Guls said: \"The use of SESAME will place an excessive emphasis on sliding doors.
\"Before the new car has a name, kybosh, an international trademark registration, will do the same, about 1001 off, belonging to a clean bubble.
Try the 2007 property of the Scout Association of England.
How about BMW 2002?
Okay, so what about having it in France, but not in Britain?
Suddenly, there was a brainwave in Bertrand.
How about 1007 of the Bond movie \"people have 007\", but 1007 is free, Peugeot applied for it the next day.
Peugeot\'s public relations and marketing department is in trouble.
Related hysteria
The press release is for \"your eyes\" and \"get permission to slide\" only and the technical briefing starts with \"pay attention to bonds now.
But then Bertrand received a brief and formal report. looking letter.
The strange thing is that while no one really owns the trademark \"double
At the age of 7, M was unhappy with Peugeot\'s potential use and the automaker gave up.
So we have to call it \"1,007 \".
Not so attractive, but not so powerful as a musical celebrity (
Sadie Frost and Gemma French)
Or expensive advertising can\'t be fixed.
More importantly, however, does the world really need a city hatchback with sliding doors? . .
Based on the Citroen C2 platform and built in francissy, France, the 1007 that arrived in Ireland in early August was a highroofed four-
Smaller, more luxurious and stylish seats than Renault\'s Kangoo or Citroen\'s Berlingo obviously compete.
Frankly, it\'s not the most beautiful thing on four wheels, if you\'re on the street --
The BMW Mini is still the father of the car.
It is also very heavy.
Each of these sliding doors weighs 88 lbs, and when you add extra reinforcement after hitting two big holes on the side --
Plus door motors and safety supplies
You add at least 250lb to the weight of a fairly small hatchback, a large part of which is highly off the ground.
Expensive too.
Think about the weight of Peugeot 206 (
And price tag)
Peugeot 306 logo, you will not lack.
Open the door manually through the remote control, facia buttons and traditional handles, or through the same handles.
To prevent them from acting as horizontal guillotters, they cannot turn off the power at a speed higher than 5kph or at a tilt of more than 20 °.
However, they can be opened manually at any speed;
Once turned on, they blow back in half the time, and you can\'t turn them off again when the motor acts as a brake.
This must be a nightmare for every parent: a child is in the passenger seat of 120kph and the door is stuck. . .
We raised the issue of safety and Peugeot seemed angry --
It is usually a definite sign of one click in the home.
We suggest that the 1007 existing circuit can be modified to lock the two doors at a speed above 8kph, which will be urban security assistance and security measures.
Peugeot rejected this, saying that the door may need to be opened when the car is \"in an emergency.
We asked Frederick St. Giles if he could tell an example of a rescue from a vehicle with a speed of more than 5 miles per hour. . .
He shrugged his shoulders in his failure.
1007 did a good job with more traditional security measures, the NCAP crash test, where it scored an unprecedented 36 points.
Of the potential 37 points in the class and the coveted 5 stars, 1 point.
The standard equipment includes 7 airbags and an Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP)
Emergency brake assist
Sliding doors are cool except for security issues.
You can open them on the key chain and walk straight into the car.
The parking lot is not as convenient as suggested in Peugeot bumf, as the open door makes the 1007 on both sides 8mm wider than the wing mirror, but it is certainly easier than the traditional car.
The accommodation is spacious and luxurious.
The front or back has plenty of legs and clearance space and the seat is very comfortable and supportive.
The cabin design is fresh and different, with replaceable color swatches on the seat, ventilator, door and dashboard (
Each car comes with another color)
There is a lot of storage.
The boots are not generous, but the rear seats roll forward or fold completely to allow for more load space, and the front passenger seats can also be folded up.
The view through the huge windows is comprehensive and one can\'t help but feel that 1007 is a futuristic urban travel cabin
Starred in a film by Luc Besson.
Three engines will be launched in early August: 1. 4-and 1. 6-
1 liter of gasoline and 1. 4-
Turbo diesel. The 1. 4-
Five options for gasoline
Speed manual or 2-tronic\' semi-
Automatic transmission, diesel only manual and 1. 6 the semi-auto.
You have to go back to the archives to find anything as slow as 1.
4, especially half
Automatic version, this impulse can only be detected under the microscope.
Even in town, 1. 2-
The fact that Ton car is left by the light by the scooter and cannot fly and twist seems to be a prerequisite for the 1007 image.
The manual gearbox is a little better, but not much.
Diesel is also slow, although in town it makes up for its lack
At the speed of the highway, it works very hard. The 1. 6-
Gasoline is strong enough, but because of half of it
The automatic transmission seems to be a little more delicate and fast than Citroen\'s similar products, but the response is still slow and cannot replace the fully automatic gearbox.
Peugeot said it plans to launch a new engine in. 4-and 1. 6-
Gasoline and above current 1. 4-litre diesel.
For a tall car that needs a lot of suspension stiffness to prevent it from tumbling, this way of riding is a good judgment.
With seating and view, 1007 is actually a nice, comfortable place to sit.
Handle severe nose bias-
In the case of insufficient steering, but in extreme cases, 1007 has a good balance before ESP straighten things.
The electronic auxiliary power steering has a moderate amount of feedback and is very light, which (
With optional rear parking sensor)
Easy parking.
Even though the top brakes of the car are powerful-
Heavy to turn the body forward to the front wheel, so reverse
There\'s a lot to do with locking the system in case of an emergency. As a fill-
In the 206 range of aging, the 1007 will play the same role as Ford Ka, and the factory will remain chaotic as sales of other models decline, although Peugeot still insists that its Ryton plant in Coventry can survive for the foreseeable future, producing 206 models, even after the launch of its replacement.
Peugeot hope that each year in Europe sales so-called of \"conservative\" 130,000 1007 s (
Among them, gasoline accounts for 55 and diesel accounts for 45).
The goal of this car is \"city, interesting --loving, free-
Fashion thinking
\"Conscious People\"read 40-to 50-year-old women).
As for whether 1007 can have its own sales life like Ka, I would like to know.
Peugeot has big plans-
Alternative engines, commercial versions and other \"Double o \"(whoops)
Niche models for the future.
The problem is that many city cars will also be the main means of transport for people on weekends, and once you remove the city restrictions, 1007 cars are disappointing.
It is very expensive, very slow and not as interesting to drive as the old 206.
1007 is a fun and cool idea with a lot of things to do.
But these sliding doors could be a burden if security issues are not reconsidered now, and it\'s a funky indulgence.
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