What is the metal ceramic

by:DIgao     2020-07-20
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metal ceramic is a kind of composite material, its definition is slightly different in different periods, such as, some defined as a material composed of ceramic and metal, or made by powder metallurgy method of ceramic and metal composite materials. '

example is defined as: material, made of metal and ceramic material with some advantages of the metal and ceramic, such as toughness and the bending of the former, the latter's high temperature resistant, high strength and oxidation resistance, etc. American professional committee, is defined as: a made of metal or alloy with one or more of ceramic phase composition of inhomogeneous composite material, which accounts for about 15% ~ 85% volume fraction, and at the same time in the preparation of temperature, the solubility of the question of metal and ceramic phase is fairly small. From the Angle of the narrow definition of metal ceramic refers to the composites of metal and ceramic phase in three-dimensional space is present on the interface of materials.
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