What is the meaning of ambry of shake handshandle collocation lens case?

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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ambry shake handshandle collocation of lens case is called old & other; Camera & throughout; , also known as & other; It & throughout; , is divided into high and low. Special table, table high jingyi similar above ShuYou frames, beside a small cupboard, equipped with a large bronze mirror in the frame. Low jingyi, generally on the console table use, form small, jingyi has following several small drawer, table with castles, mesa back to a group of small screen, screen before activities of stents, used to support the bronze mirror. Also some jingyi screen and seat, but on the table with lid, open the lid, set up frame, can be used.

this is ambry of camera shake handshandle collocation meaning, now the dresser is equivalent to a girl.
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