What is the distinguishing feature of celadon in ceramic handle?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
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ceramic shake handshandle of celadon and tonal form, mainly in the embryo glaze contains a certain amount of iron oxide, roasting in reducing flame atmosphere. But some of the celadon for iron not pure, reducing atmosphere is not enough, it is yellow or brown. Known as in the past dynasties pale green porcelain, feng, attendants, ai qing, CuiQing, powder green means in terms of celadon.

celadon porcelain is exquisite, lively and smooth lines and dignified and austere modelling, colour and lustre is pure and mellow. Use feng attendants to praise the poets in tang dynasty celadon, gouge opportunely bright moon water, light spin ice green cloud. There are song dynasty who described, all kind of porcelain lotus, business guests are riches and honor.
this is the characteristics of the ceramic shake handshandle of celadon.
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