What is the distinguishing feature of ambry shake handshandle collocation of blister plate?

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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ambry shake handshandle collocation blister board is to use MDF as the base material, surface roughness is good, easy to make model, by carving patterns after forming, the pattern is varied and has stereo feeling, if the home is decorated for European or rural style, suggestion choice blister.

blister type door plank rich color, wood grain is lifelike, monochromatic color pure bright, no crack deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistant, resistant to pollution, fade, is the most mature of cabinet material, and routine maintenance simple. Because after blister molded door plank can be four edge-sealing lives become an organic whole, also do not need sealing side, solved some plate does years glue and the problem such as water erosion, foreign called no defect in the board. Blister plate the advantages of high degree of wear-resistant, can be directly with steel ball cleaning, will not damage the surface, and color.
this is cabinet handle with the characteristic of the blister.
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