What is science boron nitride ceramic shake handshandle?

by:DIgao     2020-07-30
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science boron nitride boron nitride ceramic shake handshandle with characteristics, resistance to chemical attack are inorganic acid and water erosion. Boron and nitrogen in hot concentrated alkaline button to be disconnected. More than 1200 ℃ began in air oxidation. Slightly below the melting point is 3000 ℃, 3000 ℃ sublimation. Vacuum is about 2700 ℃ began to break down. Slightly soluble in hot acid, insoluble in cold water, relative density. 2. 25. Compression strength of 170. Used the highest under oxidizing atmosphere temperature is 900 ℃, and can reach 2800 ℃ under the reducing atmosphere in inactive, but poor lubrication properties at room temperature. Most of the boron carbide performance better than the carbon materials. For hexagonal boron nitride, low friction coefficient, high temperature stability is very good, with good thermal shock resistance, high strength and high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, the resistivity is very big, corrosion resistance, can through microwave or infrared transparent.

but unable to do boron nitride ceramic shake handshandle.
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