What is installed hardware handles the self-tapping screw?

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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we when installing hardware handles to choose what kind of screw good? Today we introduce self tapping screw.

because of its shape or can coordinate the its thread tapping out, so in combination with high locking ability, and can be loading and unloading. In the small screw on its size, thread type, head shape, tapping drill on the project USES high tensile performance, units, and unilateral combination characteristic is limitless. Self-drilling screw materials can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel two kinds, the tin. Increase the head is made from one end of the shape of the part of the formation of the bearing surface. The thread forming and cutting self-tapping screws ( Tapping screw) Is concerned.
this is to install metal shake handshandle of self-tapping screw is introduced.
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