What is hardware shake handshandle installation tapping screw?

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
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installed hardware handles self tapping screw is generally fingertips head, coarse thread, a hard wood screw, there are aluminum alloy, plastic. Used for a special metal hole open thread tapping screw is called tap.
self-tapping screws used for metal, nonmetal or softer without a bottom hole and tapping. Self tapping screw is pointed, such ability & quot; Tapping & quot; ; Ordinary screw is flat, the thickness is consistent.

self tapping screw is said: drill hole for without tapping hole, using different screws and general, head is sharp, tooth pitch is bigger, and a chipless silk attack is a bit like, you can not tapping screw directly into, metal and plastic often use this method.
this is metal shake handshandle installation tapping screw is introduced.
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