What is hardware handles application of integrated kitchen?

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
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hardware handles application of integrated kitchen, industry also called environmental protection kitchen or integrated environmental protection kitchen, integration is a collection of oil absorption, kitchen burning gas oven, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet and other functions in one of the kitchen electric equipment, save a space, take lampblack effect is good, energy-saving advantages of low energy consumption and environmental protection. General integration stove oil absorption rate of 95%, lampblack suction net rate is higher, the better quality, some net brand integrated kitchen lampblack suction rate reached 99. The limits of 95%.

integration stove is actually the lampblack machine, cooker, disinfection cabinet, cabinets and other functionality set together, have lampblack suction net rate is high, energy conservation, environmental protection, silent and display the characteristics of intuitive, saved a space.
that is the integration of hardware handles application is introduced of the oven.
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