What is ceramic handle process of roasting?

by:DIgao     2020-07-27
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ceramic handle process of roasting solid materials in high temperature melting under conditions of the reaction process, can have oxidation, pyrolysis and reduction, halide, etc. , are normally used for roasting inorganic chemical and metallurgical industries. Roasting additive and without additive added two types.

the material ( Such as ore) Heat and not melt, to change its chemical composition and physical properties do not add additive roasting also calls the calcination, according to use can be divided into: 1. Decompose ore, such as chemical processing made of limestone calcium oxide, carbon dioxide gas was at the same time; 2. Activation of the ore, the purpose is to change the mineral structure, make it easy to decompose, for example: the kaolinite calcined dehydration, make its porous structure, easy to further processing production of alumina; 3. Removal of impurities, such as desulfurization, removing organic matter and water adsorption, etc. ; 4. Crystal structure transformation, such as roasting titanium dioxide change its crystal structure, improve the use properties.
according to the production process can be divided into two kinds of expansion method and sintering. Burn expansion method is heated to melt temperature, the materials will be produced gas expansion. Sintering process by heat melt some raw materials, the entire particles stick together.
this is the introduction of ceramic handle process of roasting.
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