What is ceramic handle collocation of folding door?

by:DIgao     2020-07-26
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ceramic handle terms of folding door is furniture collocation, mainly is suitable in shop, supermarket, office building, exhibition hall and home decoration and other places of partition, screen USES, inside door and outside door all can install and use. Can effectively play an insulating cover, dust, noise insulation, etc.

points of regional characteristics: aluminum door profile and glass design has the branch of north and south. Northern aluminum thick, design is composed of the main features, the most representative is the style of article, and article, is the most distinctive in o 'donoghue. South with aluminum modelling diversity, living style as the main characteristics, the most representative is the glass style, more distinctive styles of beautiful case, ice sculpture, shallow carving, crystal shell, etc.
this is pottery and porcelain of folding door shake handshandle collocation is introduced.
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