what is a panic proof door lock set?

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
Just in case of panic proof lock information-
At home, it makes sense to prevent panic locks.
Sometimes it is also called an entrance lock to prevent panic.
So what is a panic-proof lock?
Preventing panic from entering the lock is part of the double cylinder bolts.
It provides additional security for residents at home.
The role of the lock is to provide an easy way to quickly leave your home in an emergency, such as a fire. (
See photos of locks and levers/handles mounted on the inside of the door)
Can you describe it?
The double pin lock is a bolt lock without hinges, which means it must be operated manually.
When it is locked, the Bolt cannot be forcibly recovered.
It can only be operated by a key type cylinder, or in the case of preventing panic from entering the lock, the door can also be opened from the inside using a lever/handle or knob.
How does this provide security?
The anti-panic entry lock is designed to provide residents with a way to always open the door from the inside
Even without the key.
Turn the knob or handle to exit quickly in case of emergency.
While it makes sense to always leave the key in the lock, others at home may forget to do so, in an emergency, when the panic starts, you want to go out as soon as possible and as easy as possible.
It may also be a good idea for people with arthritis in their hands.
You may live in a family where someone always forgets to leave the key in the lock or when they leave they hold the key and lock the door outside --
When someone else leaves the room, they have to fumble for the key to get out, maybe soon.
So it can create an emergency.
Any precautions?
Yes, if you are mounted on the door with a glass panel, the panic-proof entrance lock will make your home more vulnerable.
This allows someone to break the glass and enter by turning the lever.
Make sure the lock is installed enough away from the glass panel.
Another option is to use non-
See fragile acrylic
Through the door panel. What else?
The latch is the safest.
If walking out of the house in the past is a problem, then increasing leverage can be a wise choice, as the only option is to use the key.
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