What is a metal handle, how to choose and buy?

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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metal shake handshandle is part of the home decorative hardware, mainly used in furniture, bathroom cabinet, cabinets, wardrobe, and other furniture. Hardware handles have adornment effect, but the main role or cooperation.
handle from material to have a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. ; From appearance to has a canal form, form, spherical, and various geometric shapes, etc. ; From the style to have a single type, double head type, appear type, enclosed wait; From design to both compare halfback or leisure, there are also with a rope or hanging bead type of meditate on the handle. A European archaize style, rural style, the ceramic series, cartoon small shake handshandle, etc. Handle in the cabinet and the most widely used for home decoration, hardware handle can be embedded into the fashionable element of high-end cabinet fittings, it USES new technology, to produce works of art as the standard, and after plating, pop, antique, fashion color, color can be as follows: bronze, white color, ancient silver, black, gold plating, chrome plating color, pearl silver, etc. Household colour. How to choose and buy hardware handles?
1, of raw materials: hardware handle some small factory choose cheap, nickel content not up to standard and sand hole stainless steel material, make the shake handshandle of sand hole is inevitable, Inferior) , rough surface, installation would rust soon, this is a kind of attitude and behavior of the customer is not responsible for.
2, handle ( Stainless steel handle) The surface treatment of sand, medium sand light ( A sand) , wire drawing, points of light. Discriminant shake handshandle shake handshandle of surface treatment is particularly important, the quality of the first, from the surface treatment of the sanding FuHaoDe shake handshandle should be a lifetime uniform, relatively dim color gives a person with steady feeling.
3, shake handshandle welding parts ( Especially the foot pedestal) Should be solid and reliable, jerry a casual welding is easy to shorten the life of shake handshandle. The difference between these bad handle how? First of all, we can distinguish from the sound, With a hard knock gently shake handshandle tube) , the shake handshandle of foot thick pipe noise should be more clear, and thin tube is boring. First can tell from the handle, the shake handshandle of thin tube heat transfer is fast, soon full new temperature, and the shake handshandle of enough thickness over a period of time is still very cold. Then there is the permission ( The most simple) , sawing handle tube inside it, the results are obtained. Except for macroscopic and mesoscopic scale measurement is relatively good method should be the handle on the whole piece of glass, like a touch of signs of both shake shake handshandle, this handle is not enough, still need to improve, touch is good shake handshandle should be immobilized, founder of directly.
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