What factors to consider when you choose metal clothes

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
(1) to choose the performance of the metallic clothing have a more comprehensive understanding, and then according to the conditions of use to consider the formulation, process and product design. (2) metal clothes generally low thermal conductivity, should fully pay attention to the selection and design. (3) the linear expansion coefficient of metal clothes generally larger than the metal, some water easily, so the size change is bigger, should consider when choose and design the appropriate fit clearance and tolerance range. (4) some metal clothes tend to stress cracking, try to minimize stress when selection and design, product design to avoid stress concentration, and the appropriate post-processing, and will strictly control the process. 5. Some metal clothes tend to creep and shrinkage or deformation, should fully pay attention to the selection and design. 6. The use of various metal clothes have a certain strength of the medium in contact with the scope and allow and can withstand the pressure and speed limit, should consider when choosing and design.
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