What are the skills of choose and buy cabinet handle

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and quality of life and continue to improve, more and more people are now in the commodity house. In the process of house decoration, just without the installation of the kitchen cabinet, can say is one of the indispensable a device inside the kitchen cupboard. In the process of installation of ambry is little not cupboard handles, so how to choose and buy ambry shake handshandle?

what are the skills of choose and buy cupboard handles?

1, ambry quality of shake handshandle

compared to ordinary cabinet handle, generally work very sophisticated, with high quality surface have no flaws, and touch feel is very good, so when the choose and buy, we must well control the quality of the shake handshandle, if cabinet handle quality closes nevertheless, suggest not to buy, and can be purchased.

2, ambry, the material of shake handshandle

in terms of the market at present, there are several kinds of ambry is the material of shake handshandle common ceramics, such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and copper, such as the quality of a material of copper is more hard, not easy to appear the miss, etc. ; The ambry of ceramic handle feel better, gently touch and feel a cold; The shake handshandle of ambry of stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, after special treatment processing, have very strong corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and other characteristics, are often used for the average family; The shake handshandle of ambry of zinc alloy material surface is very light, looks more beautiful. As a result, we can according to their own needs to choose the appropriate cabinet handle material.

3, the design of ambry shake handshandle, style

when ambry shake handshandle of choose and buy, we must according to oneself the home ambry design and style to choose an appropriate ambry shake handshandle. Normally, the kitchen is given priority to with Europe type style, decorate the cabinet will match Europe type style copper cabinets handle; Kitchen is given priority to with Chinese style classical style or rural style decoration, suggestion choice ceramic style cabinet handle match cabinet; Kitchen with contemporary and contracted style is given priority to, can choose stainless steel or aluminum cabinet handle with cabinet.
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