What are the decoration hardware handles brand? How should choose?

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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hardware in domestic outfit cost accounts for about 3% 5%, the proportion is small, but it can not be ignored. One of metal shake handshandle is a small part of hardware, handle not only plays a very important functional role in domestic life, at the same time, its modelling, style diversity can also add bright spots to home outfit. As the saying goes, & other; Detail decides success or failure & throughout; If choose and buy is not good, a little shake handshandle, practical and beautiful degrees will make home outfit. Basically has the following five aspects:
1, on Windows and doors, people often hope they are good in sealing, in addition to the characteristics of the material, it is more important, is the hardware to cooperate. The hardware of inferior driving is not flexible, will make the window does not open, doesn't close tightly, use after a period of time, can appear even prolapse, fall off, such not only brought trouble to the owner, is more likely to be more serious security hidden danger. Literally, the quality of the hardware to a certain extent, decides the service life of the doors and Windows.
hinge hardware mainly have the door hinge, drawer slideway and cupboard door hinge of the three types. Door hinge materials generally have all these two kinds of copper and stainless steel material quality, in order to ensure that the door open closed without noise, when the door hinge of choose and buy, should choose the axial internal contain ball bearing hinges.
2, drawer slideway, according to the guide number of the section is divided into two section rail track two and three quarters. Flexible in order to ensure that the drawer opens is closed, when the choose and buy, try to choose exterior paint and electroplating brightness, uniform bearing wheel rotation, wear resistance, and the right wheel bearing clearance drawer guide rail.
3, cupboard door hinge can be divided into can take off discharge type and not take off discharge type two kinds, this is according to the cupboard door closed after covering location can be divided into big bend, bend, bend the three straight. When choosing cupboard door hinge, in addition to pay attention to the surface of the hinge whether level off, but also pay attention to the quality of the hinge spring is unqualified, judge the reset spring, can open the hinge, the hinge with the hand to press the both sides, to observe the spring piece of support will deformation.
4, the material of shake handshandle there are many kinds of, a log, plastic, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, ceramic, etc. Not only material variety, color, shape and style diversity. Shake handshandle after electroplating and electrostatic spray paint processing steps, has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. When shake handshandle of choose and buy, pay attention to the shake handshandle of bearing force, general can withstand the tension in 6 kg, in addition, also want to consider the modelling of the shake handshandle with decorate a style to agree. Pull basket, hardware accessories such as shelf in the kitchen and bathroom with more. More is used in the kitchen stainless steel pull the basket, multilayer shelf, etc, this kind of hardware that generally USES steel wire or iron wire after welding, then after plating.
5, bathroom towel rack, shelf, general with copper pipe welding, then chrome plated. When pull basket, shelf of choose and buy, often as a standard, according to their bearing quality bathroom damp is serious, the quality of the hardware must especially pay attention to, towel rack and toilet the shelf of the choose and buy when, should pay attention to appearance whether level off, the shelf joint is smooth and firm.
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