What are common types of ambry handle

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

cabinet handle common kinds are there?

1, pottery and porcelain handle

ceramic handle is also one of the very popular cabinet handle material, ceramic is colorful, the characteristics of material surface is smooth and tidy. The shake handshandle of ambry of ceramic material, feel is very exquisite, in the process of modelling design can make the unique process design, strong workability.

2, stainless steel handle

cabinet stainless steel handle is cabinet handle applications on the market a wide range of a cabinet handle material, stainless steel material has no rust, sleek compact, smooth and bright characteristics such as the people from all walks of life love, very accord with the requirement of home decoration.

3, copper handle

ambry copper handle is also very highly in the modern ambry market consumers friend's favorite, such as green bronze series of cupboard door handle from color can give a person a kind of very strong visual impact effect, copper handle unique decorative pattern, carving craft is very exquisite.

4, aluminum alloy handle

the shake handshandle of ambry of aluminum alloy material is now cabinet shake handshandle is widely used on the market cupboard door handle one of material, the quality of a material of aluminum cabinet handle is very strong, durable, service life is long, but also has the characteristics of fast. In the process, the use of the composite plating technology.

5, log handle

cabinet wood handle material is mainly the log, in the process of manufacturing through special processing, chemical processing technology technologize design make the finished product log handle has a strong flavour restoring ancient ways.
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