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Jennifer Gilmer\'s name is actually high-
End kitchen design in Washington area.
For 21 years, native Maryland has advised customers on the advantages of custom cabinets, the differences between granite and quartz countertops, and the importance of not wasting electrical or desktop space.
Her Chevrolet chase showroom is a-
Stop buying kitchen designs big and small, budget is fat and sometimes not too fat.
So when she was renovating the kitchen of the Bethesda bungalow with her husband Bill, she knew exactly what she wanted.
Until she met architect Amy Gardner.
Gilmer said, \"I can fully understand after years of experience ---whether [my clients]
Understand or not understand-
What do they want?
I can feel their style and create a kitchen that reflects their personality.
Amy did the same thing to me.
\"There is pressure on every home decoration, but there is no pressure on the kitchen decoration.
There are many options for cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, lighting and layout.
Regular projects-
It\'s really famous. -
It took longer than expected and far exceeded the budget.
In Gilmer\'s case, the kitchen project ended up being part of a larger home renovation that began in early 2005 and just ended.
In addition to the storage room for the new kitchen/Butler, the work includes a new roof, a new second floor and a two
The story at the back of the House adds.
The project is estimated to take 15 months, but it has taken 22 months.
The budget is about 15% higher than overall expectations.
Give comfort to the rest of us: even a real kitchen design expert will suffer from a decoration setback.
\"I have the same problem with everyone,\" Gilmer said . \".
\"Even if I have material here ,[subcontractors]
I will work here, then jump to another job and come back. . . .
There\'s really no shortcut.
Part of the reason for the lag in the decoration, she admitted, was that she took a break: \"Even I was overwhelmed.
Gilmer originally planned a classic bungalow kitchen.
Gardner, who started the first small interior renovation of the house three years ago in Gilmer, helped Gilmer recognize her love for contemporary design, from arts and crafts to the transformation of Asia and modernity.
\"This is a direct meeting of the mind,\" Gardner said . \".
\"We instinctively stand on the same page and broaden the idea of the original project from the visual, functional and structural aspects.
Gilmer said it would take about $105,000 to copy her kitchen/Butler\'s storage room, although of course her expenses are lower. The original 10-by-11-
Foot kitchen space is now the Butler food room leading to Asiainspired, two-
Story supplement including kitchen, living room and solarium.
Big, but the new 18-by-10-
The foot kitchen is not (
By today\'s mammoth).
Gilmer soon said she was not the champion of the big kitchen.
\"It\'s easier to open the heel and get to all the places without going a long way,\" she said . \".
\"I think the kitchenette is the trend of the future.
\"The design of the Butler\'s food room began in Gilmer, a limestone basin discovered at Arc Stone in the Capitol Heights.
She chose copper for the table (
It complements the basin)
Cherry furniture (
Pull with real stone)
Hidden build
In appliances, storage and pull
Cut meat pieces drawer \".
\"In the kitchen, the focus is on the cabinets.
The cabinet is dark and smooth, with concealed hinges, made of Macassar ebony, an exotic timber variety with horizontal texture patterns similar to tiger stripes.
Gilmer said: \"I could have chosen a lighter wood with the same horizontal texture, but I feel it is too jarring from the original bungalow section of the house.
\"Dark Wood is in sharp contrast to painted tempered glass located on the wall above the stove surface.
Gilmer likes clean lines of glass and no grout lines.
On the main counter, Gilmer chose the absolutely black honed granite and a huge 9-
Inch granite tailgate to better maintain the heat of the glass and to maintain the ratio to 9 1/2foot ceilings.
But designers always like four-Inch tailgate.
\"4 inch is expected,\" she said . \".
\"It gives it more blows.
\"Obviously the owner is a professional kitchen designer. An 8 1/2 -foot-
When not needed, the long table on the casters rolls under the island. A pot-
Faucets and sinks (
There is a sliding enge wood cutting board on the top)
Sitting next to the fridge instead of the stove makes the task of Flushing and chopping produce easier and more efficient.
Granite, Tenge Wood and sliding butcher blocks on the central island provide an alternative working surface up close.
The new kitchen offers the convenience and style of modern Asian style
Inspired design is hidden behind the traditional frames of classic bungalows.
When asked if she missed the old kitchen, Gilmer replied that she defended the merits of the small space in the kitchen.
But she was obviously happy with the transformation.
The original kitchen was a good space. -
\"It\'s not bad,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s not Jennifer Gilmer\'s kitchen.
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