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by:DIgao     2020-08-09
Kolkata: small industrial development company West Bengal has decided to enter the brand furniture market and launch its own range of wooden and modular furniture.
While wooden furniture has the largest share of the state\'s furniture market, modular furniture that attracts young customers is catching up quickly, sources said.
International brands have entered the booming furniture retail sector in India, driving its growth.
About 118 units manufacturing home and office furniture operate in different industrial zones maintained by wssdc.
While most of them cater to the needs of the market, the promotion of their common brands will help to increase the market share of these small and micro enterprises.
\"Considering the potential of the home and office furniture market, we decided to enter the space in a focused manner.
More than 250 SKUs (
Inventory Unit)
\"This will provide consumers with a wide range of options,\" said Colonel Sabyasachi Bagchi, chairman of WBSIDC Ltd.
\"With the growth of real estate, the market for home and office furniture has seen a blowout growth.
But we need to distinguish ourselves from the players we have . \"The state-
In order to assess the market, the run company has started an appropriate expansion.
\"We think there\'s a scope --
Home and office furniture demand to stop shopping.
We are already in the retail market of fast consumer goods.
\"We need to hire marketing professionals and consultants to take it to a level where we can compete with existing players,\" he said . \".
Brand will be a challenge as a country
In the past, running a company was not very successful in this regard.
It looks at the tie for the furniture.
Cooperate with organized retail chains in Kolkata.
WBSIDC also hopes to allocate an additional 315 acres of land for small businesses
Units of scale by 2015.
\"In addition to five ongoing projects, seven industrial zones will be put into operation in the next two years.
This will create space for about 3,200 SSI units, \"said Bagchi.
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