Wardrobe door according to the material of ceramic handle what?

by:DIgao     2020-07-26
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ceramics according to the material has the shake handshandle of wardrobe door frame and track: the border around the closet door to use material on the market of aluminum alloy, carbon steel materials, aluminum, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy after two kinds of material is the most strong and durable. And that the thickness of the border are generally in 1 mm, less than the thickness on the use fixed number of year is difficult to guarantee.
track quality also directly affects the effect of sliding. It is understood that the orbit of closet door has two kinds of cold-rolled steel rail and aluminum alloy orbit.

the closet door of the thickness of the door has a closet door plank, had better choose 8 mm to 12 mm thickness, it is more stable and durable to use, and the thickness of the glass is general in 5 mm to 10 mm, too thick and too thin can lead to unsafe to use.
this is ceramic, chest door shake handshandle of according to some knowledge of the material.
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