video shows man smearing door handles of las vegas …

by:DIgao     2020-08-04
A vandal wrapped a few pieces of bacon around the door handle of a mosque in Nevada.
The incident was found on a surveillance camera at the mosque. e-
Tawheed in Las Vegas on Sunday.
Authorities are now looking for suspects, who saw him carrying a pack of raw bacon in the camera before placing the bacon strip on the door.
According to toKSNV, this vandalism known as hate crimes has left the Muslim community of Las Vegas on the verge.
Rokai Yusufzai, founding member of the Spring Valley mosque, told KSNV: \"I hope that in his conscience, in his heart, he [Perpetrators]
Ashamed of what he did
In the camera, at around three o\'clock A. M. , the unidentified man was seen putting bacon at the back door of the mosque and then walking to the front door to show that he did the same thing.
While he was at the front door, he wrapped the other bacon in his hands on the door handle, and he sliced raw bacon into his mouth.
After he was done, he was seen walking away.
After a while, a week was seen before praying in the morning, he took off his shoes and turned to the front door when he noticed the bacon and the leaves.
He came back with four others, two of whom were shown to remove the bacon from the handle.
Ismaeel Al Mujhrabe told KSNV that pork is bacon that is forbidden to eat or touch in Islam.
A spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told buzzfeed that as of Tuesday, no one had been arrested and no federal agency had been involved in the investigation.
Earlier this month, a pig\'s head was cut off at a mosque in Philadelphia.
Surveillance footage of the incident showed the body being thrown into a sidewalk outside the Islamic Association of Aksa by a passing car.
A week before the incident, the same mosque received a voicemail saying, \"What did you do in Paris\", referring to the Muslim community.
Mayor of Philadelphia-
Jim Kenny, the elected, attacked the incident as \"biased \". . .
There is no location in Philadelphia.
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