video games: new hardware heats up console battle

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
Mike Logan can\'t wait for Sony\'s PlayStation 3 to hit the shelves in November.
But he\'s not going to rush out and buy one. yet.
As a big player in the video game console market, video game fans around the world are wrestling with it, which is a decision --
Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo
Fire their latest salvos in a fierce battle for player attention and money.
The price of the latest generation of consoles has soared to the point where it is more expensive than some full consoles
So many mature desktop computers
Long term prospects for becoming a buyer
Long-term investment in gaming platforms has yet to prove its value.
Logan is keen to try out Sony\'s new console so he can evaluate whether to invest hundreds of dollars in the next console for market leaders
A new generation of Microsoft products
Rival Xbox 360 released last year.
Nintendo\'s new Wii console (Pronounced \"we \")
Is another new entry in the video game console war, but it is not a competitor to the self
Claiming to be a hardcore player, he says it lacks high
End graphics make it more suitable for children.
He said: \"I mainly want to see what the PlayStation 3 looks like . \" Explaining that in the last console cycle, when he bought the console prematurely, he felt a strong sting of the buyer\'s remorse.
Logan, a loyal fan of Sony Computer Entertainment, said: \"I picked up the PlayStation 2 for the first time and realized it was a mistake . \"\'s top-
Sales console launched in October.
£ 2000, about $450 (
It has dropped to about $130 since then).
He realized he had made a serious mistake after Microsoft launched its first console Xbox for the same price in November. 15, 2001 —
After he already bought the ps3
\"When I got my Xbox, I basically stopped playing on PlayStation 2,\" he said . \".
He added that he found games on Xbox to look and play better than games on PS2
In particular, Microsoft\'s Halo series of sci-fi action games and other Xbox exclusive.
The expensive experience is 30-year-
Old Oakville residents do not want to repeat with the latest generation of consoles.
\"I want to give it a chance to test both,\" he said of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 . \".
Due to the huge differences between Sony and Microsoft in terms of features and multiple models, the price of stickers for new consoles varies greatly.
Sony\'s PS3 starts at $549.
99 for the base model it has a 20 gb hard drive to store the content while its premium model with a 60 gb hard drive is under the sticker --
$659. 99.
Sony\'s pricing announcement at its E3 news conference in The Calver City studio in May was shocked and silent, with hundreds of reporters giving a shocking panting.
The Xbox 360 was launched last year for $399.
A basic \"core\" system is $99, $499.
99 for advanced versions with \"add-on\" like 20 gb hard drive, wireless controller, HD-
Connect the device to a high level AV cable
TV and remote control. But the HD-
DVD drive launched in November.
Another $199 is needed.
99, make the console system with Sony\'s next-
A generation of products.
And high-
Nintendo\'s Wii console costs $279.
95, this is part of the company\'s strategy to reach the widest possible range of consumers.
After studying the features and techniques used by each console, the reason for the large price difference becomes obvious.
The element that the new breedOne draws players into the latest console is that advanced hardware can amplify the visual experience to a level that was previously impossible.
Sony and Microsoft are powerful machines.
Resolution graphics features designed to take advantage of high-
TV screen.
The two hosts also contain chips co-
Developed with IBM, the processing power of the machine is more powerful than the supercomputer ten years ago.
In particular, Sony has been promoting the advantages of this battery chip, and Toshiba has also helped the development of this chip.
By contrast, NintendoLtd.
Instead of following a competitor\'s route, I chose to focus on making its latest console more affordable.
Nintendo is currently using
Instead of cuttingedge —
Technology for the Wii brain and graphics engine. The so-
It is called Hollywood graphic chip by Ont. -
Headquartered in ATI Technologies, Inc.
Is the core of machine vision. The world\'s No.
Chip manufacturers of AMD
Bought ATI last month.
Too early for highdefinition?
Video game companies in Japan could have gone further. to-
In May, director and general manager of Nintendo\'s Entertainment Analytics and development division said that in this console cycle, he led its diverse competitors, responsible for computing power and graphics, but it chose not to do so for several reasons.
\"If we want to do this, we can do it easily,\" Miyamoto said in a private briefing at the E-entertainment fair . \" (E3)
Industrial conferences and trade shows in Los Angeles.
\"But the game is not just about graphics.
\"Miyamoto, Mario Brothers and other video games behind the click rate of the brain.
King Kong and Legend of Zelda point out that most people in North America do not have highdefinition (HD)
TV set for display cuttingedge visuals.
Gong benmao said: \"We think the focus of this time should be on players . \" He added that this is why Nintendo\'s new console uses innovative actions --
Sensitive control device.
\"In five years, Nintendo will produce HD systems, which will be a given condition,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s too early.
\"DVD warNintendo\'s assessment is clearly different from that of Sony and Microsoft, both of which are struggling to control the consumer\'s living room.
Both companies offer high
The ability to play DVD and music on their console.
Sony has launched a new Blu-ray
PS3 and Microsoft\'s ray disc player sell an add-on
On a DVD drive based on a competitive HD disc standard, made for the latter
Day movie format war similar to the Beta version
VHS video war in the 1980 s
Although a Nintendo executive had previously said that the Wii would play movie DVDs for Japanese-listed models, the feature would not be available when the console was launched in North America in November.
In Japan in December. 2.
In addition to emphasizing graphics and movies, the biggest difference in consoles is the way players interact with them.
With its wireless sports, Nintendo has attracted wide attention in the industry and gamers.
Sensitive controller, it is like a TV remote control connected to the computer mouse through a cable.
People can use the remote to point and shoot, or swing like a baseball bat or sword to see the body movements they repeat in the game.
Again, they can use the mouse or \"nunchuk\" to guide their characters on the screen.
Meanwhile, Sony announced its own proposal.
At the E3 press conference in Culver City, California, sensitive controllersstudios in May.
The design style of the wireless six-axis controller is similar to the DualShock gamepad of the PlayStation 2.
All three consoles are able to connect online via their own dedicated Internet
Based on the game network, but only Microsoft\'s Xbox Live network is running.
Both Sony and Nintendo said they would launch their own network at the conference.
Supply is insufficient, but even those who are willing to rush out and spend cash on cuts --
Analysts say the edge console launched this year may find it almost impossible to get one.
Sony will launch only 400,000 consoles in North America, with a total of 1 in the world.
The end before 1 million.
Sony had previously said it would have about 4 million products available during the holiday season, but there was a problem with production.
Supply problems earlier this year triggered an unexpected surge in video game sales, with PlayStation 2\'s game sales growing sharply.
Nintendo is expected to launch 1 million Wiis in North America and have 4 million Wiis worldwide this holiday season.
Microsoft says it won\'t have supply problems during the lucrative holiday shopping season, which could bode well for the company as it faces new highs
According to some market watchers, this is a strong competitor.
Microsoft has sold 6 million of its next generation.
The company\'s goal is to raise that number to 10 million by the end of the fiscal year June.
\"I think there are enough consumers who have made up their minds that they won\'t get PlayStation 3 this year,\" Michael Pachter, general manager of Wedbush Morgan Securities Research, said on CBC News Online.
Mike Logan does not believe it.
He said he would not queue up to buy a console, but after a year he was willing to wait a little longer to buy the PS3-
If this is a better product in his opinion.
He said the price difference between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 model was not a factor for him.
\"A few hundred dollars wouldn\'t have much impact if you wanted to buy a console,\" he said, admitting his year --
It may not be necessary to consider the long wait for the PS3.
\"Now, I\'m looking for Xbox.
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