viaspace, inc. (vspc) green logs showcased at national hardware show

by:DIgao     2020-06-24
VIASPACE Green energy Inc. , a subsidiary of renewable energy.
Announced their green log this morning. ™Over the weekend, brand fireplaces and campfire logs are on display at the National Hardware fair in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The National Hardware Fair is an annual gathering of professional buyers and sellers such as hardware tools, lawns and gardens, and outdoor life.
Many of the major players in the fire log industry also showed the exhibits at the show.
Chief executive Carl Kukkonen said, \"The Green log is a product that we have spent a lot of time and effort developing.
We believe that green logs are the most eco-friendly.
Friendly fire log products on the market, at the trade show, we are able to educate people on the many benefits of green log. ”Mr.
Nguyen Chang, president of VIASPACE Green Energy, commented, \"the National Hardware Show allows us to get the Green log name there.
Many potential customers attended the trade fair with our competitors in the fire log industry.
As seen at the trade show, our competitors have identified VIASPACE as a viable competitor in the fire log industry.
Potential buyers of green logs expressed interest in our products and we are following up.
\"Green logs are the first commercial product made by VIASPACE with huge king grass.
Compared to the man-made fire log made from oil, this is a renewable and sustainable product
This product is based on materials or trees that take decades to fully grow, and can completely glow in 3 minutes, but burn for up to 5 hours.
A video featuring green logs was produced for use at the National Hardware Show and can be seen in the following link: ow.
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