unlocking a car door with a coat hanger - does it work?

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
Open the door with a hanger-does it work when many people lock their keys in the car? The first thing is \"where can I find the hanger \".
Through generations of inheritance, doors can be unlocked by just using hangers, but, in this era, are these stories still valid-the fact is, many doors can still be opened with hangers.
The method remains the same-you slide a straighten hanger between the weather stripping and the top of the window and click the unlock button.
The trickier way is to slide the hanger between the weather stripping and the bottom of the window and try to find the pin inside
You can lift up and unlock how the car works.
With two real ways tried to unlock your car, first of all, what is one way to stop anyone from trying one of them, the car is a lot more tricky than before.
Automatic locks, automatic windows, etc . . . . . . Increased number of parts and wiring inside
The operation of the car.
Now it\'s easier to cause more damage to the vehicle than after 90, instead of the $80 locksmith bill, you can look at a $500 bill to fix all the damage you have at the dealership.
Secondly, most people only try to use hangers when necessary, so they are less experienced.
They will most likely damage the weather stripping, paint debris or scratch the glass of the car as they unlock the vehicle.
Under all the negative effects of trying to unlock your car with a hanger, I think the most obvious answer is the cost.
Hangers are cheap, large in quantity and easy to replace.
It takes time to call a locksmith or AAA for up to $100.
If people don\'t have the money, they risk damaging their credit cards to save a few dollars.
Having said that, if you want to unlock your car for free, what other options do people have instead of using hangers, you can always call the local police station.
According to the area you live in, many police officers will unlock your car for free.
There are also many websites, such as keys locked in the car, providing suggestions for locksmiths, emergency services, etc . . . . . . To sum up, unlocking your car with hangers is still a viable option for many people.
However, please make sure that you weigh the appropriate pros and cons and do not send money for the price of the sergeant.
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