types of architectural glass fittings & hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-22

Glass is one of the most fascinating materials in the architectural world.As the scope of application of glass continues to expand, it breaks the restrictions from the application of doors and windows to the main building materials.With this magical material, glass fittings have become an integral and most important part of modern architecture.Ozone hardware is the solution for all exclusive needs of building glass accessories.Ozone hardware is a leading brand in the construction hardware industry, providing comprehensive glass accessories.With a strong network of global distributors, distributors and business partners, Ozone provides customers worldwide with standards and customized building hardware with innovative advantages and higher aesthetics.A wide range of glass accessories include hardware for commercial doors, removable glass partitions, shower room hardware, and glass facade accessories.Highly focused and high quality productsThe Ozone design team provides customized products for customers.The quality team checks to ensure the product meets the order requirements.Ozone hardware manufacturing products comply with international safety standards and are certified ISO.The exclusive and extensive glass hardware offered by ozone has different categories: 1.Patch fitting: ozone patch fitting is the result of manufacturing, analysis and development that is very easy to understand.The input of quality materials and the diligent team provide our products with the functions required to meet the most demanding specifications.The patch accessories provided by ozone hardware are characterized :-Slim design and excellent surface finish.-Easy glass preparation and installation.-Even in areas with heavy traffic, it can be safely fixed for a long time for a period of time.-The basic types of patches and their variants are extensive.2.Hydraulic patch: ozone hydraulic patch is one of the most innovative and revolutionary productsBuilt-in hydraulic system.No floor springs are required for this system & therefore no excavation is required and no floor cutting is required.3.Floor Springs: the ozone hardware provides floor springs that are certified and tested.The series includes double cylinders, power adjustable floor springs, beams and doors for surface mounting.4.Shower Accessories: frameless shower can separate the dry and wet areas of the bathroom.These compartments are used in conjunction with 8mm or 10mm tempered or laminated glass, customized to site requirements and preferences.The ozone hardware provides a variety of accessories that complement the complete concept.5.Building Spider accessories: We offer 316 grade high quality stainless steel accessories for external applications and 304 grade stainless steel accessories for internal applications.All accessories are tested in accordance with international safety standards to ensure a strong appearance.Ozone hardware also offers customized spiders and accessories that can be developed according to specific project requirements.
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