Two office furniture manufacturers share their business strategies

by:DIgao     2020-08-14
Office furniture is no longer just an ordinary, antique-designed corner table with uninspired plastic or padded chairs.
It has evolved to imaging designer goods that embody the essence of the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Today, Malaysian office furniture manufacturers are proud of their products, which gives them a unique competitive advantage in the country and even in the world.
It is estimated that the size of the office furniture market in China will exceed RMB 1 yuan, although this shows its size and potential, it still has room for growth with the furniture industry as a whole. Take Malaysian-
General furniture.
China exports about 80% of its local products and is the world\'s tenth largest exporter of furniture.
At present, Malaysia exports to about 160 countries including ASEAN countries, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and the United States.
Due to the natural resources of Malaysia, the country is known for its timber-
The goal of the headquarters furniture and government is to increase by 6 per year.
This type of furniture will reach 5%.
The goal is to achieve the value of the industry by 2020.
But what is more noteworthy and encouraging for furniture manufacturers is their customization
Design products are being snapped up in both domestic and international markets.
This includes office furniture manufacturers who will contribute to Malaysia\'s positioning of influence on the international stage as long as they continue to successfully meet market demand.
Bristol Technology Co. , Ltd. Sdn Bhd\'s form, function and improvement of local office furniture company firmly focuses on the international market, with 70% of its revenue from imports and 30% from local trade.
\"Our business footprint covers Indonesia, the Philippines and the Middle East as these countries provide opportunities based on their GDP (GDP)
Seng Yook Seng, founder and managing director of Bristol, said.
Thirty years ago, he founded the company, and because of its innovative design and high profits, Bristol has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-end office furniture in Malaysia.
High quality products and environmental protection
A conscious business model.
It produces desk systems, ergonomic chairs, desks, office sofas and accessories, and workstations for sale at high prices.
The company proves this with a motto from the company --
\"Passion or perfection \".
\"Our annual turnover is about RMB 20% because we have been at the forefront of effective business implementation and expansion strategies and we expect annual sales to increase,\" said Yong . \".
The company has set aside RM13mil for international expansion.
It will open new offices and exhibition halls in Indonesia, the Philippines and the Middle East.
At present, one of Bristol\'s largest international businesses is in Bangkok, Thailand, with an investment of 8 million yuan to establish an office of 4 thousand square feet. cum-
And Development Training Center.
Locally, to expand its manufacturing plant, some RM40mil has been allocated to increase monthly furniture production to around RM20mil.
\"At the moment, its production capacity is about 10 to 12 million per month,\" said Yong . \".
The factory is part of the company\'s headquarters at 15-
Acres of Selangor Seri Kembangan.
With a team of 13 designers, the company recently invested some RM6mil in new equipment and machinery.
\"Designing a piece of furniture is a hard process --
The table is not just a table.
We have gone through a difficult trial and error process, and there are many minor mistakes that need to be corrected.
Sometimes it takes two years to complete a design, whether it\'s a desk or a chair.
\"Our designers need to be very determined because such a challenge can really give up the most resilient,\" explained yong, he admitted that it had taken him \"a few months\" to make the shape and alignment of a particular table model very straight.
Most of the company\'s products are made of soft steel, aluminum or medium density fibers
With five countertopsAnnual warranty.
\"We are a sustainable business that uses recyclable materials as much as possible.
Raw materials come from local suppliers who are less than 500 miles from our manufacturing plant to reduce our carbon footprint.
\"We ensure compliance with the requirements of global environmental standards for green products,\" explains Yong . \".
While many businesses are afraid of the turmoil of the Asian financial crisis at the end of 1990, Apex office furniture Sdn Bhd is determined to overcome the obstacles.
Despite the difficulties, Apex started operations in 1997 just before the crisis hit the country.
But Apex has no regrets.
According to Wu Zhipeng, its general manager, sales of the new business fell 30% at the time, and it took about two years to recover.
\"We didn\'t expect the financial crisis to hit us, but it did, and the customer\'s payment was a problem because many of them suffered from their own business failure.
\"The good news is that we are just a small company, so our investment is not as big as other companies and is able to recover the losses faster than most other companies,\" Ng explained . \".
Apex was founded by its general manager, Thing Chook Loong, and his wife as a small office trading company.
The company\'s team of 8 people helps the business develop and is currently one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in the country.
Actively participate in the international furniture fair in Malaysia (MIFF)
Over the past 15 years, it has hired more than 500 workers to run its showroom in Jalan Ipoh, as well as six currently covering an area of about 600 square feet in Sungai Buloh.
The company is also expanding its plant by another 150 square feet to accommodate the production of wooden furniture and chairs.
\"Since our showroom recently opened, we expect revenue to grow by 15% this year.
\"We are confident because showrooms showing more than 1,000 kinds of furniture have helped businesses increase sales because customers can look at and test products,\" Ng explained . \".
Although the showroom had a positive impact on turnover, the company still relied on catalog sales to contribute 90% to the company\'s revenue.
The detailed catalogue shows the company\'s colorful range of furniture, including chairs, tables and bookshelves in offices and educational institutions.
\"In general, the trend of furniture is to shift from calm black, gray and white to more eyes --
Colors that capture and stimulate, including the entire palette.
\"We are not afraid to go beyond our limits in terms of design and color selection,\" Ng said . \".
Focus on mid market
According to the series furniture and Ng, each piece of furniture has cost performance and quality.
\"We insist on the use of properly specified materials such as metal, metal plate, Wood
Base materials, and highquality, high-
Density foam to ensure the comfort and durability of our chairs.
\"Since 2000, we have been strictly complying with the requirements of the international standardized organization, which requires the most basic aspects like our standardized operating system to maintain consistency and quality,\" Ng said . \".
Apex currently only exports 20% of its products to customers in the Middle East and some South.
It still hopes to consolidate its territory in the domestic market.
\"While we are very happy with our international sales, we want to focus on becoming the largest office furniture manufacturer in the local area and then plan to expand more into overseas markets,\" Ng said . \".
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