trends in middle east interiors.

by:DIgao     2020-06-26
The Middle East has long been keen on open design aesthetics, but the spina team noted that the whole scale was moving in the direction of Wangsheng and the giant in 2011.
The team called it a return to the rich, reminiscent of Hollywood --
Charm of style, optimize craftsmanship and professional craftsmanship to the finest details.
To prevent the appearance from getting too much, designers use a pleasant, almost playful touch to keep the balance.
Looking forward, for example, to the unusual, custom curtain-back, which contains all the elements of a magnificent space, as well as unusual materials, including the stylish sterlingsilver chain, Sardinia
Gradually, you begin to appreciate how the fine details of the golden silk reflect other items.
Similarly, contrary to the striking overall feeling, the color tends to be very soft, if any, or the contrast combination is very strong, forming almost male, sand and copper tones with tobacco, bronze, black, strange explosion of lime green or pink!
Another key trend is that everything has to be customized, and it seems that the designer is specifying everything from the door handle to Qian Deyl is personalized.
Under this banner, the professional designer brand also offers unusual matching of items, such as footrest and cushions that can be paired with chandeliers or curtains.
Professional and unique in-house works, often inspired by works of art or fashion like Spina\'s Bon noirfootstall-
Inspired by Victor & Rolf, a huge bow was added-
A room can be changed completely.
The interior has also become more precious and respected, especially when you see the craftsmanship provided.
This method encourages the elegant mixing of unusual materials and even sees the non-interior-
Just like the materials in the interior space, such as Hematite stone for decorative window handling and interior decoration, jet and even pearl chain.
These items, like haute-
The premium customization of haute couture is part of the artistic revival of passementerie, France, where the back and tassels are decorated and beautified with detail.
In the Middle East, the introduction of fertile bespokelighting is demonstrated;
Beautiful and shiny crystal chandeliers have always been popular in the Middle East.
At 2011, they\'re in their re-
Interpretation through contemporary design.
Use a high polished chrome/matte finish instead of traditional gold and hang them on the steel cable instead of the chain, which is the last touch.
The latest designs make spectacular sculptures the most spectacular when they reach 15-
Some houses are 20 metres away.
The final details, such as the details of the colored crystal, relate the light directly to all other decorative features.
Fortunately, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are very good craftsmen and craftsmen, including the team of Cyrillic furniture, which is actually a company in France.
Another talented team can be found in the Glass House in Sharjah, where they use traditional stained glass methods.
Spina Design is the creative of dynamic Design duo Robbie spin and Joe Zito, who perfectly combine fashion and artistic backgrounds to create luxurious lifestyle accessories and lighting.
By partnering with Blanchard FZ, Spina is listed in the Middle East for decorative crystal lighting, custom tassels and passementerie.
See www for more information. spinadesign. co. uk or www. blanchard.
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