toyota sienna recalled to fix sliding doors

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
The defective sliding doors that could be opened when the vehicle is traveling have prompted a safety recall of about 838,000 Toyota minivans around the world, including 744,000 in the United StatesS.
The Japanese carmaker said Tuesday it would recall 2011 vehicles-
16 Sienna models in the United StatesS.
The company says a fix is currently being developed.
The company says the circuit may be overloaded when the sliding door is \"blocked\", thus opening the motor fuse.
\"If this happens when the latch is in an unlocked position, the door may open while driving, increasing the risk of injury to the vehicle crew,\" Toyota said in a statement . \".
Toyota spokesman Victor Vanov declined to say whether the defects were related to an accident, injury or death.
Toyota will notify the owner in the medium termJanuary.
Safety for car manufacturers
Free recall fix.
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