toyota corolla / chevrolet prism door handle replacement (exterior)

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
Unfortunately, today\'s modern cars are made up of a lot of plastic.
The door handle assembly is a typical part.
After years of pulling and pulling, the handle can be detached from its plastic hinge point.
This article will describe the basic steps involved in replacing an existing damaged handle with a new replacement (
Front driver or passenger side).
Trying to fix the handle by bonding will only last for such a long time. . . .
Even with epoxy.
The lever point where the break occurs will not be able to withstand the pressure and will eventually break.
Also, if you shop around, the new handle can be purchased on the Internet for less than $20 and is cheaper than the dealer\'s factory original handle.
The new handle is not painted, and if your local car paint supplier offers custom paint mixing and matching, you can usually pick up the spray cans to match the color of your car. Step 4 -
Window control if the vehicle has an electric window control, pry out the window/door lock control panel recessed in the internal door handle using a wide flat screwdriver (
No photo display).
Pry from the top or bottom of the panel-
Not from the side.
Disconnect the electrical connection when the panel pops up.
If the window is a manual hand shake type, the fixing clip behind the handle must be removed or pushed out of the window handle forest.
This can be done with a small screwdriver or a special tool purchased from a local car parts store. Step 8 -
Remove the outer door handle with three bolts to secure the outer door handle on the outer plate of the door.
The lower right corner Bolt is also used to secure the door lock embedded in the door handle assembly.
After the bolt is removed (
Through 1/4 socket wrench with 10mm sleeve)
, The metal rod connected to the handle assembly must be removed.
First remove the \"buckle\" holder from the bar-
Then pull out the tilt tip of the rod from the handle assembly socket.
Since it is pressed inside, in order to pull out the torque it needs, it may be necessary to tilt a small crowbar between the rod and the socket.
The new handle installation reverses the above steps to install the new door handle assembly.
When the door lock is aligned with one hand at the lock hole of the handle assembly, the angle at the top of the handle assembly.
Be careful when tightening the door handle assembly bolts.
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