To solve small sucker hook always off home coup

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
Peg almost is one of indispensable items in most families can hang a lot of small objects, a variety of hooks, most people like chuck hook, compared with the commonly used paste type and nail hook it won't destroy metope, operation is convenient, but the hook is not too strong, often slipped down, affect the use, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. How to make stronger adsorption sucker hook? Let me teach you a few tips to ensure secure when methods/procedures, ready to chuck, hooks, soap water, eggs, bowl, basin, towels and other daily necessities. , will hang buy to place the metope of sucker wet water wipe dry towel dry to avoid dirt greasy. Then complete the following steps to ready material. Soap and water can sucker hook with soap and water can become firm? Chuck to link soap water on the inside of the stick to rapidly on metope, wait for dry hanging things again, with soap and water after adsorption effect to promote the class an egg qing dynasty have time, you can also use egg qing dynasty. With cotton on the back of peg evenly painted eggs to paste on the wall, such as egg qing dynasty completely dry, hang a thing, Typically take hours or so) With egg qing dynasty help sucker hook becomes very strong also don't have to worry about chuck can often fell toothpaste feel clear more troublesome can instead use toothpaste with eggs, apply proper amount of toothpaste to the suction cup hook on the back of the stick on the wall, such as toothpaste dry hanging things this way again after adsorption effect compared with egg qing dynasty but attention than soap and water effect is good attention before sticky sucker hook to wipe off the wall because of the clean degree of metope can also affect the hook under gravity sticky hook after from the middle to tie the sucker forcibly the air pressure inside the air is less, the adsorption degree, the better the effect is better. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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