To prevent the typhoon lekima, dongguan fu sen have up their sleeves

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
The first typhoon lekima ( Tropical storm) The center of today ( Day) Offshore northern o 'clock in the morning is located in weifang city, shandong province, is the north latitude. Degrees east longitude,. Degrees, the maximum wind is level ( M/s) Minimum pressure for hundred mpa, center. Lekima is expected to gradually move to the north by east, movement speed gradually accelerated, to be near southern liaoning coastal, strength weakened gradually. Wind forecast day by day, the central and northern yellow sea, the bohai strait, the bohai sea, and the shandong peninsula, liaoning, hebei and tianjin sea level will have a strong winds, the part in central bohai sea level wind, wind level. Precipitation forecast day by day, liaoning, Inner Mongolia, jilin Midwest and northeast, southeast parts of southern in heilongjiang province and other places are too big to heavy rain, the southeast central western liaoning, jilin, Inner Mongolia and other places have a bad storm local ( - mm) Dongguan fu sen to remind you, safety measures, prepare food items. To prepare the necessary food, drinking water, medicine and daily necessities, and candles, emergency lights, flashlights and other emergency equipment. And move easily falling objects. To the balcony, windowsill, roof of the place such as flower POTS, sundry items in the strong wind blown down, such as move into indoor or other safe place in time. And reinforce the infrastructure. Strengthening outdoor dangling, high-altitude facilities and temporary buildings, simple and easy, when it is necessary to dismantle; , items, fg leaching. Will low-lying areas liable to waterlogging, such as the river by the house of furniture, electrical appliances, supplies, etc. , timely transferred to the heights. And cancel the travel plans. Not in the region of the typhoon may affect gameplay, is the typhoon may affect regional tourism should return ahead of schedule. And is ready for transfer. Live in the danger zone, should be ready as soon as possible the necessary articles for daily use and food, ready to transfer. Old, weak, disease, remnants, pregnancy and baby should be relatives as early as possible. When meteorological observatory issued a typhoon urgent alarm, said the typhoon has gradually affect us. Should go all out, actively avoid, in order to 'avoid' give priority to, avoid loss of life, when meet danger can call emergency telephones. Typhoon, relief, risk aversion and prepared the work ahead of time also is particularly important, nothing don't go out as far as possible, old yao is a real son stay home to choose! ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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