Titanium magnesium alloy sliding door shake handshandle installation

by:DIgao     2020-07-19
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magnesium alloy sliding door shake handshandle is mainly divided into the following installation steps
1. When installed on chute sliding way must be in accordance with the requirements of the direction of the door width and open it with door beams or rain loose beams fixed generally based on the center of the slot width should pay attention to the following points when two fixed chute with rain loose beam around or over the intervening elevation consistent slide relative to the center size was consistent. Outside the center line of the slide and the color board exterior wall or brick wall of the same size and the size is half the thickness of the door leaf with 20 mm of clearance such as color plate walls still need to add the package edge width of 20 mm.
2. Door leaf installation of door leaf and pulley system in the workshop processing molding by the company. Slide on the pulley pair immediately after the end of the installation and use them in slide chute artificial or other hoisting tools to its lower part and the door leaf doors on the vertical welding screw set on the pulley on the temporary fastening bolt hole with double nut. Similarly to the other doors leading hung.
3. After they adjust the doors have been hang up to two doors are pushed to the center position and its was against the doors according to the requirement of the outdoor floor elevation on the flat to the floor surface under 0 ~ 10 mm at the same time, adjust the two door leaf joint gap to minimum and side perpendicular to the ground. Above the elevation adjustment with elastic nut. All doors after the adjustment the check on the pulley spec split pin is fixed on the pulley.
4. Door limit device installed after the doors all adjustments separately all the doors closed and opened according to its position on the slipway or internal Angle at the bottom of the upper limit position welding 10 mm at the edge of the distance pulley make doors open area limit within the effective range. Angle of contact with the pulley in requirements set of not less than 20 mm hard rubber mat as a buffer.
5. Guide bread and door stop installation guide and door stop installation requirements and construction cooperate to make the point is the bread can be centerline positioning positioning guide according to actual location of the door leaf flat steel under bread outcrop is 10 ~ 15 mm spacing is 500 mm. The lower position to push the doors from the outside when positioning 10 ~ 20 mm position or in concrete after the concrete construction with expansion bolt.
6. Door hardware accessories to install the sliding door hardware accessories commonly used a door handle, lock can be complete and correct to install the door according to the project after the first use of hardware fittings should be paid attention to the installation requirements which are parts of the plane position and elevation requirements are in the same position to affect beautiful.
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