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Say the door to the home from the furniture accessories

People who have gone through the decoration know that home clothing is a hard work, a lot of miscellaneous things, but you have to be very patient, because it is not good to hold the pit. Ask Baidu Jun, the decoration process includes the early design, the main demolition and modification, the hydropower transformation, the woodworking, the brick, the wall surface paint, the kitchen and guard ceiling, the cabinet installation, the wooden door installation, the floor installation, the wall paper, the installation of the radiator, the installation of the switch sockets, the installation of the lamps and lanterns, the installation of five gold fittings, the installation of curtain rods, and the pioneer. Cleaning, furniture entering, household appliances installation, home accessories and so on.
And this little editor mainly said the next wooden door, the quality of a door, the effect of the whole family decoration, now most of the indoor decoration is selected wooden doors, then how to choose the wooden doors? What are the attention to? We know about the wooden doors and furniture hardware items attention. Having a good quality wooden door is also the first step to start a happy life.
(1) look at the style and color first
The purpose of decorating the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the choice of wooden doors is the first consideration of the style of the wooden door and the harmonious collocation of the style of the cohabitation room of color. The style of decoration is smooth and plain, and we choose a generous and simple style. We choose to be light and elegant when we are lively and bright. In a word, it is suggested that the choice of style is similar.
(two) color collocation
1, good color matching is the key element of the spot dyeing house, so we should consider the color of the wooden door and the collocation of the bedroom after the design of the style. 2, the bedroom color matching is basically similar to the color of the contrast factor, we can first divide the large environment color image and shade, can be divided into three major colors; wall, ground, furniture soft decoration. Basically, keeping these three major colors is fine.
3, the color of wooden doors can be considered close to furniture color, such as the floor is dark colored floor, white with purple wood doors. The color system in the large environment has both contrast and harmony. If you don't have a big grasp or no guidance from a professional, recommend this "lean" approach. Don't always think about the contrast. In fact, there's a contrast in the environment. You can just close the color of the door to a big environment, either on the ground or on the wall or in the home, and then make a difference in the details. Yes, for example, the texture of the wooden door is different from the wood grain on the ground. As for which color system should be measured according to the actual situation. (three) touch the feeling of hand
After the consideration of style and color is complete, the next is the process and quality of the products. Here are two points: hand touch and side light. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the Mormon, require no scraping, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to see if the surface of the door has a concave and convex wave. Basically, by these two, we can know whether the work is qualified.
(four) the selection and purchase of hardware
1, when buying hinge and slide rail, it is best to try pulling several times first, feel its flexibility and convenience.
2. When choosing a household lock, it is better to choose a lock with heavier feeling, the more heavy the material of the lock core is, the more wear and tear, otherwise the material is very thin and easily damaged. Then look at the smoothness of the surface of the lock to see if it is fine and smooth, without spots, and then repeat with the key to see the sensitivity of the lock core spring.
3, when choosing special hardware products, the first thing is to see if there are defects in its appearance, how to make it shine, whether it feels smooth or not.
4, when choosing the hand of the furniture, it is not necessary to make a careful look at the style of the ingenious, but should mainly look at the quality and feel of the product. When choosing, we should pay special attention to the contrast and the beauty of the hand, so that the style of the hand and furniture should be unified.

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