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by:DIgao     2020-08-16
\"How should I clean my leather furniture?
This is a common problem for our customers.
As a leather furniture repair and repair specialist, I heard my clients say over and over again that they used saddle soap on fine leather trim.
After all, it seems correct to use it because the saddle is certainly made of leather.
This is a mistake even though it looks like this!
You see, the leather used for the saddle is very different from the leather used for the furniture.
The saddle is heavy-
Plants that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment are tanned in duty leather.
It is tough, highly durable leather and can endure the use of leather cleaners with harsh chemical properties such as saddle soap.
The interior decoration leather is handled differently.
Using Chrome Tanning Chemistry, the end result is soft and soft leather, which is more sensitive to harsh cleaners like saddle soap.
The reason here.
Think about your own skin
Will you wash your face with a strong household cleaner?
Of course, it will clean your face, but it is undesirable for the drying and rubbing effects of your skin, especially when used repeatedly.
The same is true for upholstery leather.
The fact is that the upholstery leather is acidic.
It has a pH of 4. 5 -5.
The harsh cleaning agent is highly alkaline.
Therefore, a chemical reaction occurs in the leather, destroying its fiber structure.
Therefore, it is important to use a leather cleaner for chemical engineering (pH balanced)
Leather for interior decoration.
There is also a problem with your leather type.
Leather cleaners are not suitable for all types and grades of leather.
For example, suede lint, pull down leather, fine lamb or calf leather are very delicate in aesthetics and should be handled with great care.
A leather cleaner or conditioner may stain this delicate leather.
Leather furniture generally does not require much attention.
A simple maintenance procedure is to wipe the item with a gently wet cloth, the frequency is the same as the frequency of dust removal for wooden furniture at home.
Then, regularly (every 3 -4 months)
Use a premium leather conditioner to inject moisture into the leather.
Regular conditioning of the leather will extend the service life of the leather.
Be sure to use pH-if you feel the need to \"clean\" your leather furniture-
Balance cleaner for your leather type.
If you have any questions, please contact the leather professional.
Remember that saddle soap removes feces, dirt and dirt from the saddle after going out.
Hope your furniture will not be affected by the same environment.
In order to extend the service life of fine leather decoration, please use leather care products specially designed for decorative leather.
Now you can even repair and re-color your leather furniture with a DIY leather repair kit or leather repair kit, but to achieve good results, please make sure you get a high quality kit.
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