this iit student has developed an indigenous, low-cost smart home system

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
Turn your home into a smart home, which is not so difficult or expensive;
You don\'t even need to buy smart appliances.
According to Pranjal Kacholia, a third party
Annual student of IIT Delhi, only one module is required to be placed behind your switchboard (s)
, Control the appliance and appliance through the app in the smartphone.
\"We put this module behind each switch, which is connected to wi-
This is how the home\'s fi router, smartphone, is controlled.
We bought an Amazon server for this.
Once a command is sent via a smartphone, the module can work with the switchboard.
There is a module for each switch and we have a separate high
Power equipment such as air-
\"Air conditioning and geysers,\" he named the business \"eden\", said Conditioners jal \".
He is also a partner in marketing.
Coordinator of the IIT Delhi startup development group.
\"It will take nearly 15 minutes to install a module to the switch.
During the installation, the wiring of the module is connected to the wiring of the distribution panel.
Modules receive commands via wi-fi.
It acts as an interface between loads (appliance)and the switch.
Normally, the load is connected directly to the switch;
Here they will connect to the module.
In this way, the regular operation through the switch will not be hindered.
Pranjal stressed that there is no danger in the circuit during this process.
\"In fact, the module itself is trying to stabilize the voltage fluctuation because it has to save itself.
It also has its own fuse, so it is safe.
\"The project was initiated by the research project of the Agricultural University.
\"I stumbled across home automation and the internet of things.
After talking to the big players in space, I realized that the traditional smart home system is in 3-
Bedroom apartment.
Pranjal found that the price point was too high and called a team of engineers to solve the problem.
It took them several years to develop this native technology to deliver the same functionality at a lower cost.
\"With Eden\'s smart home system, people can operate their home switches from anywhere in the world and even monitor the real
Time status of these devices.
So assuming they are not at home and not sure if the device is turned on, they can check the status of the device and turn it off if needed, \"he explains.
\"They can also group devices, such as lights at home, so they can turn off immediately before they go to bed.
We also have a scheduling feature: for example, the fountain can be turned on and off in advance, so your water is ready when you wake up.
This helps to save electricity.
He added that the system is also useful for older people who don\'t have to keep getting up and turn on switches or appliances.
\"Assuming you are on vacation and you find some burglary nearby, you can turn on the lights of the house as needed.
\"They have been testing their products for the past few months and have started manufacturing in Delhi.
They plan to start sales next month through distributors and in partnership with real estate developers and architects.
\"We have applied for a patent on this technology.
Other companies in this field have an external center;
We have eliminated this and included all of these basic components in our module, so there are no external components.
We filed a patent more than seven months ago.
We are also registering under the launch of the India program, and as part of that program we were assisted by a lawyer who handled legal proceedings for us.
He said the price of their products can be customized according to the size and needs of the family.
\"Most of the participants in the market have introduced the smart home technology they are marketing;
This increases the high cost.
Because we have developed our own technology, our cost is lower.
Pranjal said that they are now working on smart door locks and will also notify the owner once a fault occursins.
Please call 8107872713 for details.
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