The use of the socks hook

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
We will see at the time of purchase new socks, socks with a hook, the hook the average person will feel is to hang up, but new socks hooks and a more practical function. Below, we take a look at what's the use of sox hook. First of all, we don't have opened new ready to a pair of socks, you can see the socks with sign, and a hose hook, two socks are fixed. New socks signs and hooks, generally can be easily removed, but between two socks, generally have a thread stitching, avoid socks in pairs. We put the socks hook down, use sox hook can be fixed position, two socks sewing hook line, and then start rotating hook. Rotary hose hook, line will constantly fixed on to the hook, so that the line is more and more tight, loosen hook, connecting line have socks. We'd better use the top socks hook, using the side hook, it is easy to this paragraph, because of insufficient strength can be used easily side hook line, after using the above socks hook hook line. Using the above relatively hard hose hook, hook line, rotate, can easily broken sutures, separate two socks, no longer need to use teeth to bite, looking for scissors.
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