The use of metal coat hooks

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
And understand the performance of the metal clothes hook, distinguish whether toxic. The main metal clothes is made of what material, with or without adding plasticizer, stabilizer, inside. General market sale of metal clothes bags, bottles, pail, kettle, etc. , more for polyethylene thin metal clothes, hand feels a sense of lubrication, surface like a layer of wax, easy combustion, flame yellow with wax dripping, scents of paraffin, the metal clothes non-toxic. Industrial packaging bags or containers, metal clothes are mostly made from PVC, which add lead salt stabilizer, etc. This metal clothes by hand touch, tacky, nonflammable, away from the fire is out, the flame is green, and the weight is heavier, the toxic metal clothes. , pay attention to maintenance prevent aging. People in the use of metal clothes hook, often will encounter it change hard, brittle, discoloration, cracks and reduce the phenomenon such as performance, this is metal clothes aging. People to solve the problem of aging in a metal clothes often add some antiager, to slow down the aging speed, in fact this is not fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make the metal coat hooks to durable, is mainly used to properly, don't let the sun, don't let the rain, also not bake on fire or heating, not often contact with water or oil and so on.
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