The use of lock function

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Pick the lock function, on the one hand is to demand satisfaction qianceng lock itself, on the other hand is also in the quality of the lock. A good company is generally not less than 5 above high gun low range of fingerprint lock lock for users to choose from. Users tend to pick out the use of its commodity: there are used in door, divided into metal door and wooden door, copper padlock useful chamber door, common to the wooden doors, also used for villa front door wood and so on. Commonly used basic functions as follows: 1) And for many people the fingerprint to open the door ( A home or units generally not just one or two) Good, quality stability, performance; 2) , able to access to open the door, Can't allow householders and nannies, cleaners with the same open management permissions) ; 3) And can free open fingerprint (increase or decrease Nanny leaves can be convenient to remove her fingerprints) ; 4) And the best record query function ( You can check the door, can sometimes become a key basis, generally need to display) ; 5) , with some appropriate combination function ( Fingerprint some what is electronic some may have a bad time, temporary circumstances homeowners to open a door with a combination) In selected time try not to select too highlight combination function of the goods, whether combination as the fingerprint safe. Generally has two kinds of 4 and 12 keys. Days as far as possible not to use a combination of open the door at ordinary times, can be useful to prevent being stolen; 6) , must be with mechanical key, this is a method of backup to open the door, like planes, cars, although there is a automatic control state, but is still preserved the artificial manipulation of the some of the same, this is a kind of security thinking; The possibility of any electronic some mistakes, some relative machinery are much more stable, save the mechanical keys as standby at home to open the door lock method, can in the door lock electronics some open problems in timely and convenient repair. Imagine if there was a fire in the home, or the thief had been damaged because of not pry open the lock your door electronic some what would you do? Don't be greedy so-called security, psychological and posterior regardless of buy, pick the key to the no mechanical lock. Using the fingerprint lock, the main progress is not security, but to enjoy the convenience of fingerprint lock, needs to strengthen the security of fingerprint lock, can make the fingerprint lock is connected to the smart home system. At present, some development port reserved for fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock manufacturer in intelligent household, only needs to brief development of fingerprint lock, can real-time monitor the state of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock security and progress.
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