The use of cable tie pay attention to the point

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Nylon cable tie, this product is widely used in industrial or daily life. However, in general, use the cable tie in the daily life on the request is not high, its some matters needing attention, also few people pay attention to, and use cable tie in the industry, the requirement is much, still need to pay attention to some problems when using cable tie. Cable tie with problems need attention, nylon cable tie the preservation of the environment, the most ideal at 23 degrees Celsius, and the best humidity control in the %, it is need to pay more attention. , use manipulation using a cable tie, tightening tension, no more than nylon cable tie, can appear otherwise fracture. , when using the cable tie, strapping objects circle diameter less than nylon pierced with ring diameter, length remaining after tighten belt in cm is advisable. Nylon cable tie in a wide temperature range, ~ ℃) Can keep the excellent mechanical properties and thermal aging resistance, the use environment of cable ties, cable tie in a moist environment, can keep the excellent mechanical properties, nylon with moisture absorption, moisture, Water content) Increased with the extension of higher degree of and impact strength, but the tensile strength and rigidity. Note that when using, don't put tie in under the irradiation of the sun, otherwise it is easy to cause great influence to the performance of the product. If the work environment requires the sun for a long time, so suggest to had better choose weathering products, and to stay away from heat source. , cable tie with good margin, electrical rated temperature is less than the degree does not affect its performance, determination of flame retardancy to UL to V. Cable tie the use of the product, although there are very few need to be aware of, but need to pay attention to place or not to ignore, otherwise, it is easy to make the cable tie.
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